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Mizoram Places to see LAKES

Get Known :

State : Mizoram in the Northeastern side of India

Best Recommended Time to Travel : November to March

Prolusion :

There are several lakes having its location in the beautiful atmosphere of Mizoram in different territories. You can find lakes speckled all over the state. There are some which are really worth visiting. Among them the significant ones are Rengdil, Rungdil, Palak and Tamdil. For the people interested in fishing and boating, Mizoram lakes are the best place to serve the purpose. The surroundings around all lakes is pleasing and picturesque.

Now we begin with the Lakes of Mizoram :

Tamdil Lake :

The Tamdil Lake is situated in the district of Aizawl. Being a natural lake it is located at the distance of 110 kilometres to the southeast direction of the town Aizawl and at the distance of 7 kilometres from the village of Saitual. According to a myth, there was a huge mustard where this lake is situated now. At the time when the tree was being cut water spelt out and a water pool was created and so it was called by the name of Tamdil Lake which means a Lake of Mustard Plant. Recently, this lake is the chief spot for tourists for spending their vacations.

The Lake is surrounded by the evergreen tropical forest with variety in it like Chikrassia tabularis, Sehenia Wallichii, bamboos, Merus sp, Artocarpus sp, Sehenia Wallichii etc. There are also many types of fishes found here. Also prawns are found in huge numbers in the lake. The forest which is around the lake is home to wild pig, deer, bear and many others.

Palak Lake :

The Palak Lake is located on the southern side of Mizoram, which is an unapproachable land. The Palak Lake is situated near the region of Lakher in the district of Chhimtuipui, which is at a distance of 130 kilometres to the south-west side of Saiha, covering the distance of 5 kms from Pahu village which is the headquaters of the district. This lake is oval shaped; its length is 200 metres, and the width of 150 metres and is spread over of 30 acres o land. It is believed that this lake came to existence due to a natural calamity that took place; there is also a belief that the village that was drowned in the water still has the remains in the lake.

The Palak lake is in the midst of the moist deciduous and tropical forest which had species like Schina Wallichin, Tetrameles nudiflore, Chikrassia tabularies, Michelia sp, Albizzia sp, Dipterocarpus sp, Biscofia Javamica, Artocarpus sp, Mesua ferrea, canes etc. The lake also consist of crabs and fish, there are various animals found in the contiguous forest there are tigers, bears, wild pig and many others.

Rungdil Lake :

Rungdal Lake is positioned at a distance of 14 kilometres from the village of Suangpuilawn in the district of Aizawl. It is wide spread over an area of 2.5 acres. This lake was home to huge numbers of partridges before. This lake is separated into two by a strip of land. There is believed to be a subterranean connection between the two lakes. The lake is encircled by deciduous and tropical forests. The flora and fauna found in the lake are of the similar types like found in those other lakes all over Mizoram.

Rengdil Lake :

Rengdil Lake is an artificial lake; this is the only artificial lake in Mizoram while all other lakes are natural lakes. The situation of this lake is in the district of Aizawl at a distance of 150 kilometres to the northwestern direction of Aizawl and covers the distance of 8 kms from the village of Zamuang.

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