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At a glimpse :

Situated : Chhimtuipui Distrcit, Mizoram state, India

Place : Southern eastern region of Mizoram, closure to Myanmar

Famous for : Sub mountain tropical forest

Established in : Year 1992

Coverage area : 50 square kilometer

Best season to visit : All around the year

Nearest town : Saiha

Facts :

The Blue Mountain National Park of Mizoram is the most popular tourist destination to visit, if you are searching for some adventure and wildlife in India. This park is beautifully nestled in the lap of nature on the mountainous peak, which is believed to be the home of Gods. The state of Mizoram is a frequently visited destination and a first choice of tourist among other states in India. This place comprises of various attractions that are worth to watch, while you are on trip here. Majority of the visitors hail from far away places to witness this beautiful holiday destination. The atmosphere here is calm and quite, so voyagers who like to spend their vacation in peaceful way for them it is the perfect place to explore. Mizoram is renowned with various enchanting attractions such as forts and palaces, historical and architectural monuments, pilgrimage centers, and the most popular wildlife.

This region is enhanced not only with the green natural beauty, but it is also popular for the stunning landscapes that touch the blue sky. Therefore, the name of this highest peak is named as ‘Blue Mountain’ of Mizoram. Among all the attractions, the most popular tourist spot is the Phawngpui Peak, it is considered to be the highest mountain in this state, which measures at a height of 2165 meter. The peak is located close to the Myanmarr which lies on the border of Chhimtuipui District. The elevated peak is enclosed with vivid orchids, bushes and shrubs that look like the mountain is covered with a blanket sheet of lush green forest. People who are enthusiastic towards adventure for them it is suitable place to explore. Visitors can trek, hike, or climb the mountain to reach at the peak. While trekking, you will spot some of the vegetation such as the vivid flowers, trees, and many other species of plants that covers the area of rugged mountain. When you see the Phawngpui Peak, it similarly looks like the pictures taken from the fairytale and placed in this place.

It offers a spectacular view to the tourist with the unfolding vales below and the blue hills embraced with haze. Just at the foot of this peak, the most prominent tourist spot is placed known as Blue Mountain National Park. This park is considered to be the home for numerous different species that reside here.Before trekking to the peak, you can first explore in the park to experience some thrill and wildlife of Mizoram. The entire park is covered with lush green forest that are mainly of the bamboo and other vegetations. However, due to sub mountain tropical forest, there are various beautiful two winged bird species and vivid butterfly species that have their habitat here. Originally, the national park starts from the bottom of the Phawngpui Peak to the top of the mountain which is level ground of area around two square kilometer. The Blue Mountain National Park, also holds a beautiful cliff on the western side of this place which is deep and sharp cascading fall, named as ‘Thlazuang Kham’.

By overlooking from the top of the blue mountain, visitors can see a panoramic view where the peak is surrounded with hazy white clouds. When you visit this destination of Mizoram state, you will experience a heavenly feel where the cool foggy clouds embrace you. Apart from the scenic beauty and other attraction, the Blue Mountain National Park is renowned for its various animal species that dwell here. While wandering in the park, visitors can easily spot some of the wildlife like the Stump tailed Macaqu, Rhesus Macaque, Common Langur, Hoolock Gibbon, Kaleej Pheasant, Blyth’s Tragopan, Leopard, Sambar, Barking Deer, Serow, Goral, and many more. This wild beast species mostly are seen straying in the park, where visitors can have a closure look of this wildlife of Mizoram here. There are several areas offered here, where tourist can indulge into various adventurous activities.

The most common activities are camping, and trekking, which you can explore in the Blue Mountain National Park. Besides the wild animals, this park also is a habitat of innumerable two winged bird species that are spotted in the forest. Majority of birds are residence while rest of them migrates from other regions or countries to dwell here. Those who are birdwatchers, for them this park is perfect to explore, while they are on tour to Mizoram state, India. The closest town from the national park is Saiha, where you can also find some of the other attractions that are valued to glance. The rare and endangered pheasant are the Blyth’s Tragopan also known as ‘Tragopan Blythii’ and the Sclater’s Monal simply known as the ‘Lophophorus Sclateri’.These wonderful birds live in the wide range of eastern Himalaya. According to the records, the species of Blyth’s Tragopan that are habitat in the park are total 38.

Where to stay :

If you are planning to take a trip to the Blue Mountain National Park of Mizoram, make sure you explore in the best time. There are numerous facilities offered for accommodation where voyagers can stay while exploring in this place. You can check out some of the rest houses that are available in the Saiha town. There are also a few houses that are provided in Sangau village which is located at the feet of the blue mountain. These homes are well equipped with all the required facilities for visitors in a very affordable price, so one can spend a relaxing and comfortable vacation. No more expenses on accommodation which will cut your pockets.

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