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Nagaland Places to see NAGALAND CITIES

Think about North-East India and your mind automatically starts framing the picture-perfect images of hilly ranges, cascading waterfalls, cris-crossing rivers, and colorful tribal life. Same applies to Nagaland, a state epitomizing ethnicity and traditional culture. Cities of Nagaland offer an unconventional vacation, entirely different from what typical tourist destinations have in their kitty.

Dimapur city, a testimonial to the rule of Kachari tribals, is a home to a whole lot of communities that belong to different parts of India. This mini India is inhabited by Naga tribes along with Assamese, Bengalis, and Nepalese inhabitants. Known as a major commercial center of the state, Dimapur is laced with a well developed market selling antique pieces from India and abroad. At Chaumukedma, you can enjoy hill rides and watch the panoramic view of the entire city. You can also spend a day while watching beautiful Triple Falls or satisfy wanderlust at Intaki Sanctuary.

Picturesque Dzukou Valley has a lot to offer to the tourists. Flanked by Japfu hills, the valley stands among those cities of Nagaland that are famous for the awe-inspiring beauty. Laced with innumerable flowering plants and lovely landscapes, Dzukou is a perfect haven for nature enthusiasts who get myriad opportunities to behold eye catchy sites. Its wide flora and fauna will keep you engaged. It is a paradise for trek lovers. Camping can be a nice experience. Stay at one of the cozy rest houses while appreciating the bountiful nature and its blessings.

The capital city of Kohima is blessed with rugged terrains and breathtaking beauty presented by lush green forests and spectacular rivers. Originally inhabited by Angami tribes, the city has a several tourist attractions that catch your fancy. Its War Cemetery is the reminiscent of the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers who prevented Nagaland from the clutches of Japanese troops. It Bara Basti is the reminder of the grandeur of Angami tribals. The tourists are welcomed by a wooden gateway that is carved with the images of ancient warriors. A Zoological Park allows you to spend the day watching different species of wild animals like langurs and tragopan. Not far from the city, a museum showcasing the age old traditions is present. You can better understand nuances of tribal culture at this museum which displays items like statues and jewelry. The glimpse of a colossal drum will remind you of the larger than life ceremonies that were part of these tribes. Buy souvenirs from Naga bazaar that is also famous for livestock trade.

One of the commercial cities of Nagaland is Mokokchung. Known for its well developed economy, the city is a nice tourist hot spot. A tour to this place will let you know more about its Ao tribe. Moatsu Festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Inhabitants welcome you with their warmth and hospitability. Nature can be seen at its full bloom here. The precincts of the city are framed by hilly mountains and beautiful gorges. Longkhum is a major center of attraction. It is famous as a handicraft industry and is laced with dexterous works of skilled craftsmen. The mysterious Longritzu Lenden valley is shrouded with legends. Ungma is a nearby village visit to which takes you an inch closer to Ao tribes. At Tangkum Marok, enjoy bathing with water that appears to be originating from a nearby rock. The water is supposed to be carrying healing power. Chuchuyimlang village is the venue of several tribal festivals including Moatsu that involves sharing gifts with fellow inhabitants of nearby villages. You can feel the zest and gaiety involved in the celebrations.

Divided by topography in two parts, Mon city abounds in natural surroundings. Covered with forests which occupy a large part of it, the city is blessed with several varieties of flora, and fauna. Different types of forests like Tiru, Yongkao, Shawor etc. are part of its bountiful nature. Rivers like Dhiku, Telem, and Teyap further add to the beauty of the place. The village of Shangnyu is popular among tourists for its sculptures and wooden monuments. Naganimora boasts of a coal field and a huge market that attracts visitors from nearby states. Laced with stories of Naga queen, it is a place worth visiting. Bird watching and fishing are the sports that you can indulge yourself in. Veda Park that lies at 70 kilometers from Mon is a treat for nature lovers.

Watching the special ceremonies that are part of several festivals can be highly enjoyable. Aolingmonyu is celebrated at the beginning of the harvest period while Laolongmo marks its end.

Among the other cities of Nagaland that can a part of your vacation is Phek. Its salubrious weather and scenic beauty allure the visitors with their eye catchy sites. Nature is at its full bloom here; mountains like Zanibu and rivers like Tizu & Sedzu leave a lasting impression on your mind. The presence of abundant flora as well as fauna makes the visit even more delightful. Pfutseo, located at an altitude of about 2100 meters from sea level, is the coldest town of Nagaland. The area is covered with apple trees that are grown extensively here. Another village that is famous for its sense of ethnicity is Khezakenoma Village. Inhabited by Naga tribals, the village is considered to be the origin place of these tribes. It was from here that tribal community spread to other parts of state. Shilloi Lake, lying near Myanmar, appears like a human foot. Tribesmen believe that this lake is haunted with spirits.

The other cities of Nagaland that let you explore the ancient culture are Wokha and Demagir. Abound with lovely fields, bright flowering plants and awesome greenery, a visit to Wokha is a perfect way to getaway from the monotony of metropolitan cities. The equity lets you peek into the ethnic life style of its Lotha tribe. The tribal heritage that Wokha presents is the highlight of the city. Mount Tiyi is the center of attraction and is considered a sacred place by the inhabitants.

Shrouded in the mystery of several legends that are part of its culture, the city carries with it an aura of "unknown". Spend your vacation while following forest trails some of which lead to charming farms. Long walks within the blissful nature can be a treat for all nature-lovers. Picnicking can be a good idea; the banks of Doyan River are just perfect for that. Other attractions here that make Wokha one of the most sought after cities of Nagaland include Totsu Cliff and Governor's camp. The proximity to the antiquity can be maintained by wandering among the village ruins of Yanthamo and Nrung.

There is lot that the cities of Nagaland can offer you; the deep rooted culture of tribal population and closeness to age old traditions are what makes your tour an altogether different experience. In addition, the excellent craftsmanship that is exhibited by the artists in their dexterous works is worth applauding. These make excellent souvenirs to be gifted to your near and dear ones. Pack your bags and be ready to set your foot over this ethnic land.

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