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Nagaland Places to see DZUKOU VALLEY

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Kohima, Nagaland

Languages : Angami, English

Temperature : Sub Zero in winters; Warmer in summers

Major Attractions : Trekking, Flora & Fauna

Best Visiting Time : Months between June and September

The picture-perfect Dzukou Valley is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters from sea level and is surrounded by Japfu hilly ranges. This valley of Kohima district is a paradisiacal destination that will captivate you by its alluring beauty and bountiful nature. Its vistas are covered with countless flowering plants. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation site, then this tranquility studded location is just perfect for you.

Highlights :

Nature and its Temptations :

Considered as a nice summer retreat, the valley is cris-crossed by a number of streams that swirl with water in summer and get frozen in cooler season. The celestial charm of the place is best reflected in its exotic flora as well as fauna. A temptation to nature enthusiasts, Dzukou Valley is home to several herbs, shrubs, and flowering plants. You can look forward to species of lilies, aconitums, and euphorbias. With the advent of monsoon, the plethora of these cover the entire area and offer a visual treat to visitors. Though, the place is laden with numerous types of botanical species, bamboo brush is quiet predominant and impart the look of a mowed lawn. You can also see varieties of rhododendrons that further beautify the place. Visit the place in months of July/August and you will be overwhelmed by the presence of thousands of flowering plants that dot the entire valley.

Among the fauna that you can happen to see here includes leopard, elephant, Tragopan, and Asiatic black bear. In addition, there are some endangered species that aare sheltered here.

Trekking :

Dzukou Valley is considered on of the ideal destination for enjoying trekking. As the valley is landscaped by hills; there are myriad opportunities that are available to trekkers. Camping can be a highly enjoyable experience here. The experience of ascending up the hill amidst lush greenery and charming streams can be one of the most cherishable experiences of your life. Tourism department has set up a few rest houses that allow you to take rest in the lap of nature. These exclusive accommodations for trekkers are managed by SAPO. While enjoying the warmth of the rooms, you can have the panoramic view of the dazzling valley. Despite of having a difficult terrain, trekkers throng to this place; the challenge of accessing the rugged hills is fascinating in itself.

Trek Route :

There is a specific trek route that you can follow.

Day 1 :

Reach National Highway 39 from Kohima and travel to Crying Child Valley. Upon moving ahead, you will reach a pass located at an elevation if about 2550 meters from sea level. This is the gateway to Dzukou Valley. Cross the stream of water that is visible after sloping down a bit and you will reach Trekker's hut.

Day 2 :

While camping at hut, you can explore the spectacular beauty of the valley, You can pay a visit to Ghost Cave which is located at a walking distance from here. While retreating back and following the right side along the ridges, you will com across Vishwema Village.

Day 3 :

From Vishwema Village, follow the road going in northwestern direction. This will take you to the base of Japfu Peak. Here, you cam camp and wait for the next day to start the ascending journey.

Day 4 :

Start out early; the trail path will lead you into a thick forest. Be careful as the climb s quiet steep here. Upon reaching the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the valley and nearby villages.

Accommodation :

Several circuit houses and bungalows by PWD can be availed by you; the accommodations offer nice staying options to the tourist from all over world.

Words alone cannot let you enjoy the charms of Dzukou Valley; be there to feel it and have the experience of lifetime.

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