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Nagaland Places to see MOATSU FESTIVAL

Get Known :

Celebrated By : Ao Tribe.

Duration : One week.

In the Month of : 1st Week of May.

Venue : Mokokchung of Nagaland.

Prolusion :

The Ao tribe of Nagaland celebrates Moatsu Festival; this festival takes place in the 1st week of May every year. There are many other rituals that are performed during this period. After sowing is done Aos observe Moatsu. The period of the festival is the duration of enjoyment and recreation for the Aos after the burning jungles, clearing fields, sowing seeds, cleaning up of wells called as Tsubu and construction & repairs of houses, make everyone relax and stress free during the festival that stretches for one week.

Peppy dances and songs are the main attraction of the Moatsu Festival. Sangpangtu, lighting up of a big fire with men and women sitting around the fire with best attire and awesome food, is the symbolic celebration of the Moatsu Festival. The person who lives under the guidance of the Almighty does forecast about the evil and good days that may come in the way of the people or the village on reading the celebration of the Moatsu Festival.

Rituals and Customs :

The legend of the rituals of this festival goes around like there was a natural custom wherein there was a practice performed by the forefathers of coming up with the best rice beer by rigging the best possible cows and pigs for slaughtering at the time of the festival. During the festivals all the women are in the best attire with fine jewellery, they even join men in the folk dancing, eating, drinking and composing of warrior songs. The old people of the village sing songs dedicated to their lover or the whole village and also encourage the young folks to be strong and heroic to be protective from enemies since the fore-fathers head hunting is practiced here.

Main aim of the festival :

The chief aim behind the celebration of Montsu Festival is to invoke God’s blessings after the completion of activities like ploughing of new and old Jhum kheti, Cleaning of water wells (Tsubu), construction and repair of the house by elders of the Village Council, Putu Menden.


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