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Nagaland Places to see MONYU FESTIVAL

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Celebrated In : Pongo in Nagaland.

In the Month of : April.

Monyu Festival is also known as Phom Monyu Festival as it is celebrated by the Phom tribe of Nagaland. Monyu Festival is the grandest and the most popular festival that is celebrated in the month of April after the work of sowing is done and spreads over till six days. This festival also marks the end of winter and spring begins here. Also before the festival comes on its way there is a green signal for the dawning of the festival that is done by beating the drum with a familiar tune this moment is called as Lan Nyangshem. At the time of this festival the elders of the village perform a ritual of prediction of the future festivals, if there are some dangers in the prediction, and then the villagers are warned to be cautious during the festival. This festival also says bye to the going year and welcomes the coming year, this is the time when prayers and dedication is in full swing for the crops that are already sowed.

The chief occasion that takes place in the Monyu Festival is when the family’s male member shows his love and affection to his married daughters and sisters by presenting them pure rice beer and special food. During this festival the planning and welfare of the community related issues are also decided during this festival. The first day of the Monyu Festival is the day of over all preparations that should take place during the festival, like preparation of the domestic chores; everyone collects covering leaves and bamboos on this day, and on the second day of the festival brewing of rice beer is done. There are different programs for different age groups on the third day of the festival, ranging from the youngest and the oldest age group all get engaged in singing folk songs, dancing, merry-making and many more. There are general festive days on the fourth and fifth day, for the arrival of guests from the nearby villages. On the final day of the festival the elderly people feast by exchanging a jug of rice beer.

On the last day of the Monyu Festival the most popular game that is played is ‘Swing’ which is made out of wild rope, the whole process takes place in the ritualistic way.

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