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Nagaland Places to see HISTORY

Nagaland, being a predominantly tribal land form the very beginning, shows a history that focuses on the development, economic activities and traditions of Naga tribes. During the time of British rule in India, the British rulers classified the tribes of Nagaand between Nagas and Kukis and ruled almost the entire land excepting a tiny place in northeastern part.

Durig the time of First World War, people of Naga tribe were shifted by British to France who were made to serve as aide at the war front. However, they were always subject to the jeers and criticisms of the native soldiers in France. This consequently infuriated the tribal people and they felt the need to unite themselves to protect their prestige and interest. This eventually led to the Naga Nationalist Movement upon the return of these aides.

After the Independence of India, Nagalands stayed as a part of Assam. Agitations were observed among the Naga tribes who demanded a land of their own. Naga national Council was formed by the native people of Nagaland who caused much damage to civil activities and government through their revolts. Eventually statehood was granted to Nagaland in 1963.

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