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The captivating state of Orissa welcomes tourists to see its unmatched architectural legacy and vibrating cultures of the inhabitants. Washed by the blue water of Bay of Bengal, Orissa lies in the east of India with a coastline of 482 km long.


The glory of Indian architecture in ancient times is contained in the temples of Orissa. Puri, Bhubaneshawar and Konarak have fetched the state the title of “golden triangle of Eastern India”. These cities offer a glimpse of the height Indian architecture attained during ancient times. The temples of Orissa have a typical structure of a wide front premise and the temple has several models sculpted all around its outer walls. The idols of god and goddesses all over the temple create religious environment for the devotees. The sculptors were of high standard of imagination which is evident from the models they have sculpted. The models like 'Ardanarisvara' and 'Hari-Hara' at Gandharadi reflect religious synthesis. Some of the well known temples of Orissa that offer a glimpse of great sculptures are Lingaraj temple, Rajarani temple and Muktesvara. The youthful figures molded around these temples display the high degree of creativity of the sculptures.


The place is dotted densely with ancient temples and each temple has its own legacy to describe. The Konark Sun temple at Konark, Jagannath temple at Puri and Haroshankar temple situated at the top of Gandhmadan Hills are few of the many temples to be mentioned.


The historical significance of the state is no less than its spiritual vale. The Ashokan rock edicts at Dhauli, Bhubaneshwar tell the great emperor’s attempt to develop India and unite its people in the pious string of Buddhism. This is the state where the fierce King Ashoka fought his last battle in Kalinga. The state swarms with the evidences of spread of Buddhism which is evident from the Buddhist relics found at Ratnagiri, Udiagiri and Lalitraj. Each of these cities has a different form of Buddhist heritage structure to show. Dhauli in Orissa has some of the great rock edicts developed by Ashoka the Great. The great emperor who took the path of spiritualism after seeing the wrath he had brought through kalingas war has dedicated the rock edits of Dhauli especially to the people of Kalinga. A visit to this place will give you the insights more clearly.


The long coastal plains of Orissa can hardly be ignored while you visit the great historical monuments. The beaches of the state are as pious as the temples and devotees often take holy bath in the sea. Tourism department of Orissa have made the splendid beaches more lucrative from before by building resorts at beachside. Puri beach, Konark beach, Chandi pur beach are some of the most visited beaches of Orissa.

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