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Orissa Places to see ORISSA ADVENTURE

In India, the most popular tourist destination among other states is Orissa. This region is well known as the sacred place due to various pilgrimage centers preserved here. It is the most visited place and first choice among tourists. In reality, Orissa state is not only popular for the ancient temples, Historic Forts and palaces, fairs and festivals, wildlife, and other attractions. But it is one of the best examples for adventure where visitors can experience fun and thrill. Since, the region is located on the eastern part of India, it is slowly considered as the popular destination for adventure seekers. This is the only house which is enclosed with various adventurous activities and sports, which are filled with loads of excitement and fun that are offered here. There are several areas that are specially meant for adventure which ranges from the bottom to high hills. The state of Orissa also comprises of pristine beaches which are contained with crystal clear water that offers various water sports activity for tourists.On the beaches you can indulge in doing activities like swimming, canoeing, snorkeling, and many more. You can either try out the activities or can just relax on the sandy beach under the warm sun.

The state of Orissa in India is famous for mountain lovers where there are some of the exotic areas which are popular for experiencing adventurous activities. There are several beautiful treks that are elevated at a height of one thousand and six hundred meters tall. Among all the famous spots, the most popular are the Nilgiri Hills Trek, Gandhamardan Trek, Mahendragiri Trek which is best to experience in a one day trip. In this enchanting site, visitors can easily see some of the wild animal species that reside here; they are leopards, spotted deer, elephants, and many more. The above mentioned spots in Orissa state are famous only for trekking, climbing, and hiking. But there are two more places which are well known to experience water sports activities, they are Dhabaleswar and Barkul. Both this destination are renowned spots where visitors can try out some of the adventurous water activities like canoeing, snorkeling, swimming, boat ride, and many more. If you want to experience the boat ride, you have to visit at Chilika from Satpada and Balugaon where you can get boats on hire. For a great and memorable vacation, the state of Orissa is an ideal holiday destination for experiencing adventure.

Nilgiri Hills :

Nilgiri Hills is recognized as ‘the blue mountains’ because it literally touches the sky due to its measurable elevation. These hills are located in the Balasore district in Kuldiha Jungle which hosts a large number of wild beast species. They are worth watching while you are on tour to Orissa. This jungle comprises of various attractions for visitors including river, hills, lush green forest, and species of birds, mammals, insects, etc. The Nilgiri Hills is popularly known for trekking where numerous adventure enthusiastic people come to witness this place. A temple of Lord Shiva is placed on the top of the hill which is considered to be a sacred place. There are five rock pieces which are known as ‘Shiva Linga’ or ‘Panchalingeshwar’. The hill is so huge and elevated that it seems to touch the sky and embraces the clouds. The height of the Nilgiri Hills measure around 1,600 meter where various areas are offered to trek. Tourist from all corners of the world come to trek, hike, or climb in this popular destination. The ideal time to witness the hill is during the season of winter and autumn. In the monsoon season, trekking on the Nilgiri Hills is strictly prohibited. Because in this season, the water stream from the rugged mountain and rushes downwards to the river, due to which the way to trek becomes slippery and risky. The stunning hill offers a panoramic view for the visitors from where they can see the lush green forest, wild beast species straying, tribal village, cool and still river, and many more.

Barkul :

Barkul is the most prominent holiday destination in Orissa where visitors can try out some of the adventurous water sports. This place is nestled in the southern part of Puri which is combined with Chilika Lake. It is the largest lake in Asia which contains brackish water and the most visited spot in this region. The lake offers the most enthralling natural beauty which is worth to watch while exploring in this place. The shallow brackish water here creates massive areas of marshes, island, and lowlands. The Barkul preserves plenty of pristine islands on the Chilika Lake which is the best place to take a ride in the traditional sailboat and do fishing across the lake. If you are planning to tour Orissa in a month of winter, then make sure to witness the Barkul region for experiencing adventure and fun. In winter, the climate and the lake water becomes freezing cool, the scenario during this period seeks the attention of a number of tourist. The water sports that are held in the lake are mainly organized by the ‘Orissa Toursim Development Corporation Ltd’ which is simply known as ‘OTDC’. Visitors can indulge in the adventurous activities like boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and many more. A large amount of marine lives are captured by the fisher folks of this region. One of the worth visiting destination is to experience the adventure of Orissa.

Dhabaleswar :

This iconic island Dbhabaleswar is situated on the beautiful river Mahanadi. This place is enclosed with the presence of holy deity Lord Dhabaleswar, who is considered to be the personification of powerful Lord Shiva. Therefore, this region is known as one of the pilgrimage center in Orissa state where myriads of tourist hail here to worship their deity. The idol of Lord Shiva and Lord Dhabaleswar is placed in the ancient temple which was built in the earlier period of 10th Century A.D. This holy shrine is embellished with the antique sculptures and images that are carved on the outer and inner wall surface of the temple. If you are planning to take a trip to the Orissa state, make sure you visit the Dhabaleswar which is known as a Hindu pilgrimage. During the festival of Maha Shivratri, herds of people including both local and tourist hail here to witness this holy shrine. This place also comprises of pristine river called as Mahanadi which gives an alluring sight for the visitors to see. The Tourism Department of Orissa state has developed a lot and also organized some of the thrilling water sports provide with boats and water scooters. Voyagers can take a ride of the island in the boats which will make their trip more mesmerizing one. People who hail from far away regions and cities can try out this water sports after exploring in the temples.

Before you plan to experience an adventurous trip to Orissa make sure you explore with the help of tour guide. They will visit you to various famous destinations that are famous for experiencing adventure and thrill. If you do so, you will surely experience one of your wonderful and remarkable vacations for lifetime.

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