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Orissa Places to see ORISSA ARCHITECTURE

At a Glance :

Region : Orissa

Capital City : Bhubaneshwar

Regional Language :

Attractive Spots : Golden Triangles

India's Orissa state is very much renowned within the country for its great artists work. Every structure of Orissa is a finest example of artistic execution. The architectural work of Orissa is marvelous and dynamic. From ancient time, the people of Orissa have preserved their artistic tradition and culture. In their life, art plays a very essential role. If you want to see the unbelievable architecture of Orissa state then visiting temples of this state is a perfect way to explore the architectural art. The temples of Orissa have been built in the structural style of Indo Aryan; this style is different from the style of Southern India. The prevalent name of the temples of Orissa is deul. The temples have started by the square shape assembly or building hall, it is known as Jagamohan, this matches to temple's mandapa. These two parts of the temple are very important sections of Orissa's temples. Afterwards, other constructions such as Hall of Offerings or Bhog Mandir, Dancing Hall or Nat Mandir were inserted to temple's structure. The upright or lower part of deul is known as bada, the huge middle part is known as Chhapra. The plain disc is known as Amla. The whole temple of Orissa state is called as Astylar; the major attraction feature of their temples is huge decorated pillars.

The temples of this state are categories in the 3 sections such as Early, Middle and Later periods. the temples like Lakshmanesvara and Parashurameshwar temples located in Bhubaneshwar. The temples which were built in the middles period are Lingaraja and Mukteshwara temples and Puri's Jagannath temple. Konark's sun temple and Rani Temple of Bhubaneshwar were constructed in later period. The prime section of temples is at Bhubaneshwar, it is called as Temple City of India. The Orissa state's Lingaraja temple was constructed during the eleventh century; this is a one temple among the six hundred old Bhubaneshwar's temples. Another Mukteshwara temple was constructed during the tenth century is tremendously created and it is also famous due to stone arch, it is placed on the temple's entrance, the carvings which have been created over the entrance is depicting the story of Panchatantra. This temple is excellent example of this state's architecture. Bhubaneshwar City of Orissa includes various architecturally rich temples such as Svarnajaleswara temple, Rajarani temple, Yogini temple, Parsurameshwara temple and Vaital temple and many more famous temples.

Some miles from Orissa state's this temple village, eastern India's 2 biggest buildings are situated here like Konark's Sun temple and Puri's Jagannath Temple. During the twelfth century the Jagannath temple was popular due to its yearly Rath Yatra. The biggest masterpiece architectural structure made by Orissan School of Architecture was Konark's Sun temple. This temple has been devoted to the Surya , the structural shape of this temple is similar to Ratha. The base of this temple contains twelve giant wheels; the height of these wheels is about 10 feet. The whole surface is filled by the sculptures, some sculptures are erotic character. These types of sculptures are showcasing the mixture of one period of Hinduism; it is very well popular as Tantrism. Some of the constructions have been destroyed, the size of structure is still very attractive and elegant.

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