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Orissa Places to see TEMPLE SCULPTURES

At a Glance :

Region :
Entire Orissa

Major Attractive Spots :
Puri, Bhubaneshwar's temples and Konark

Orissa state's Temple Sculptures treasure has been divided into the 2 big categories such as decorative motifs and cult image. Sculptural temple's 1st category comprise images like Durga, Kartikeya and Ganesa over the outside walls of Shiva temple, that is known as Trivikra Nrusimha , Varaha and 10 Avataras over the outside walls of Vishnu temple. In every corner of the temple, you will see Dikpalas, in specific places there are Vetalas and Digacharinis.

Orissa's temples also includes the goddess and gods and displaying the cultural and spiritual episodes that makes the entire environment of temple holy and artistic. Though, you will see huge numbers of cultural pictures, those pictures need not to be related to Culture. The spiritual mixture is present their by the pictures of Hari Hari & Ardanarisvara similar to present at Gandharadi. The sculptures of temple have been created with such a detail and delicate work that in first look you will feel like imagination. There are all types' pictures of Durga and Bhairavas which you can get to see here only. The adorned motifs contains female and male images, semi divine, erode sculptures called as Yakshas, Gandharvas, griffins, Nagas, senses, Kinnaras, Yakshas belongs to courtly life, fables, military, scrolls, stories, secular images and arabesques. For decoration the artists have used lotus medallions, Chaitry arches, fauna and flora. Few most beautiful Orissa's sculpture's includes Rajarani, Muktesvara & temples Lingaraja. The walls of temple have been adorned by the elegant models and refreshing figures.

Erotic Sculpture's Occurrence :

The most attractive characteristic of temple is availability of Erotic sculptures over the outside walls to showcase the reality that religion could not be disconnected from actual human life. This too means human life is filled of illusions which aim to tie everybody to helm of death and life. It also has female musician's figures, dances and the qualities of sculpture are very much nice. The entire premises of temple contain horses, strong elephants and lions which are sufficient characteristic to influence the Temple of Konark.

More Sculptural Models :

Apart from major sculptures, numbers of sculptural are available in the whole Orissa state. The very unique sculpture is present here it a model of elephant, this sculpture is half hewn of big stone that is close to that place where the great legend has written his edicts. Famous Jagannatha temple's Lord Nrusimha's sculptural image is a prime attractive characteristic that is around 9 feet and it has been carved in black color granite, this sculpture has been placed in the premises of Puri's Jagannatha Temple. Actually it is very impressive sculptural model that displays the fearless expression of deities and artist's unbelievable skills.

Lion Gates :

This is a very essential characteristic of Orissa state's architecture. The sculptures of Lion have been placed at temple's entrance, due to that temple' entrance is known as Simhadwara. The images of lion have not been naturally sculpted. The Lion's sculptures have huge fine noses and dark moustaches. Apart from this, Lion has been displayed over elephant and it is a sign of triumph. Though this is a proof of major Orissa' temples that showcases splendor unequalled through India's other temple. This state' sculpture's also contains grace, magic and scarce beauty.

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