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Orissa is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. Its cities are an amalgamation of deep rooted culture and avant-garde outlook. Carrying forward the age old tradition of art and crafts, the cities of Orissa are the safeguards to its ancient tribal culture.

The city of Angul is laced with lush greeneries and charming wildlife. Known for its tourist attractions like Bhimakand and Deulajhari, the city is a flourishing industrial center. At Balasore, you can have the glimpse of several temples dedicated to Hindu deities. Its brass works, lacquered toys, and Nilagiri carvings are quiet popular. Rourkela excels in production of steel plants and abundant mineral deposits; the 75 feet tall sculpture of Lord Hanuman is the main tourist highlight here.

Uttering of the word "Konark" arouses in our mind the images related to its awe-inspiring architecture and grandeur. Words fail to describe its fantabulous Sun Temple. Known for its fine carvings and massive appearance, the temple is every tourist's delight. The pristine beach at Konark makes its one of the most preferred cities of Orissa. Cuttack is an ancient hub of forts and temples. The engineering accomplishment reflects in these structures of antiquity.

The Buddhist complexes atop the hills of Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, and Udayagiri are the epitome of remarkablilty as shown in its monasteries, votive stupas, and antiquities unearthed from here. Another city that is renowned for the presence of its rock edicts and Buddha relics is Bhubaneswar. It is a multi cultural city that some of the finest specimens of art and architecture in its kitty.

Puri is among the most divine cities of Orissa; considered as one of the four most sacred pilgrim centers of India, it is famous for its revered Jagannatha Temple. There are a number of samadhis, temples, and monuments that are part of this religious town. At Kapilas, you can see several lofty ranges, the highest of which holds the sacred shrine of the deity Shiva. Frequented by a number of pilgrims, the city is also home to ancient forts and some caves. Joranda is another sacred city that is the propagator of Mahima cult. There are many temples here that attract a huge crowd of devotees.

Chandipur's beach is an alluring attraction to the tourists. The gregarious views offered by the beach are haven for pleasure seekers. The sea port of Paradeep is also a nice tourist resort; its Bhitarkanika National Park allows you to explore varied flora and fauna. If talking about natural beauty, how can we forget the picturesque city of Nuapada. Replete with natural springs, hilly ranges, and vast plains, it is among the most scenic cities of Orissa.

A combination of nature and divinity, Keonjhar is a wonderful place to roam about. Backed by forest-covered landscapes, the city offers fantastic views to the tourists. Sambalpur is famous for its prestigious hydroelectric project at Hirakund Dam. This city is renowned in dyeing and weaving industry. Dhenkenal's colorful wildlife and picturesque ambience make it one of the charismatic cities of Orissa. There are many other cities like Khurda, Phulbani, Jajpur, Bhawanipatna, and Rayagada that make nice tourist destinations.

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