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Orissa Places to see BALASORE

Quick Bytes :

Location : Orissa

Languages : Oriya, English

Area : 3634 square kilometers

Major Attractions : Beaches and Temples

Climate : Hot and Humid

Best Time to Visit : Winter Season

Balasore, a town of commercial importance since medieval times, is a picturesque place carrying the backdrop of wonderful landscapes and a vast extend of paddy fields. A trip to this lovely destination can be a thrilling experience. Once inhabited by French and Dutch traders, the city is important from historical point of view. There are a multitude of tourist places here that you can visit. The place is linked with famous literary writer Fakir Mohan who lived here.

Industrial city :

It is not only the natural beauty that identifies Balasore, the presence of several industries make it an important commercial town also. The city is forerunner in production of tyres, paper mills, and alloys. Other industries that are proliferating here are rubber, plastic, paper etc.

Down the Lane :

The city was under the rule of Kalinga rulers and later became part of Toshala. In the sixteenth century, Mughal emperors made it a part of their kingdom. Marathas ruled here afterwards. East India Company abdicated it through Deogaon treaty in 1803.

Multiple Cultures :

People practicing different religions stay at Balasore. The recovery of the copper coins and a sculpture of Lord Buddha indicate the presence of Buddhism in ancient period. Jainism was popular here in 10th century; this is indicated from Jain statues that have been found here.

Attractions :

There are too many tourist attractions that are present in the form of beaches, temples, historical monuments. Let's have a peep into some of them so that you may have an idea about the place:

Chandipur Sea Beach : This pristine beach has characterized by the rhythmic receding upto 5 kilometers and proceeding of sea waves. Here, you can have the glimpse of sand dunes as well as numerous creepers that are scattered over the beach area.

Chawmukh-Dagra : These are the coastal villages that are blessed with appealing beaches. The tranquility of the place along with lovely white sands is quiet inviting. You can also enjoy fishing. The presence of casurarina trees on both sides of the beach creates a serene environment. If you are looking forward to picnicking, this place is just perfect.

Remuna Temple : An important Vaishnavite center, this temple at Balasore is visited by a plethora of devotees. They offer their prayers to the deity and get milk as a "prasada". Revered saints like Chaitnaya and his teacher Madhabendra Puri visited this temple.

Sajanagarh : Earlier an important military base, Sajangarh is known for a temple dedicated to goddess Bhudharchandi. In its interior, you will see lovely works of stone.

Chandaneswar : This religious shrine is important for the local inhabitants who can be seen flocking in large numbers to the premises of the shrine on special occasions.

Nearby Attractions :

Laxmannath :
It is located at 50 kilometers from the destination. Here, you can see an old palace and the temples dedicated to Jagannath, Shiva, and Shymakali.

Maninageswar Temple : It lies at a short distance of about 2 kilometers from Balasore. Constructed in the beginning of 17th century, the temple is associated with Pandava kings who are believed to visit the place for having a bath here.

Tipisagadia : Lying in Khariaa, their Shiva temple is present at 48 kilometers from the destination. This shrine of antiquity is surrounded by the waters of River Kansabansa.

Panchalingeswar : As you go 32 km off from the destination, you will reach a place of five lingams called Panchaligeswar. Devotees arrive here for having a bath in the glittering waters. The place was chosen for installation of lingams as the place is quite picturesque and laced with serene surroundings.

Kharasahapur Beach : This coastal beach village lies at 37 kilometers from Balasore. Once here, don’t miss the chance if watching the pleasurable waters of Bay of Bengal. Enjoy fishing or jus enjoy the lovely ambience of the place.

Talasari Beach : This pristine beach is covered entirely with casuarina trees; the breathtaking vies presented by lovely sunrise as well as sunset attract the tourists. A long jeep ride upto Digha can be a titillating experience.

Festivals :

There are many festivals that form part of culture of Balasore. Among these, Chandan festival, Dola Poornima, Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, Makar Sakranti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, Mahashivarathri are the popular ones. Another attraction of the place is "Akhada" which is a sort of wrestling completion.

Cultural Importance :

The place is renowned in cultural activities like drama, dance music, and theater. There is no dearth of theaters at Balasore; a number of institutes like Chadrabhga, Fakir Mohan Sahitya Parishad, and Srashtha are the centers propagating culture and art. Efforts have also been made by the people of the town to promote Oriya literature.

Accommodation :

The tourism authority provides many accommodations for tourists. Deepak Lodging and Panthaniwas Bungalow are such examples. Other accommodations that are present in the city are Hotel Nishi, Hotel Torrento, Hotel Anadamayee, Hotel Trimurty, and Hotel Binayak.

Cities Nearby :

Chandipur (16 kilometers), Balaramgadi (18 kilometers), Dhamra (160 kilometers), Aradi (110 kilometers), Chandabali (120 kilometers), Bhubaneswar (198 kilometers).

For more information about the place, you can contact Tourist Office which is located at SPA Marketing Complex.

The city of Balasore attracts the tourists by its lovely beaches and ancient temples the place allows you to explore its colorful culture.

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