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Orissa Places to see BERHAMPUR

Quick Bytes :

Location : Orissa

Languages : Oriya, English

Major Attractions : Gopalpur Beach, Taptapani

Climate : Tropical

Best Time to Visit :
Winter Season

To the south of Lake Chilka in Ganjam district lays a fertile area called Berhampur which is abundant with dense forests and is an important trading center of Orissa. Also called "silk city", it is the oldest one in the entire state. Welcome to this bewitching land that is famous for its natural splendor and backwaters.

Industries :

The city of Berhampur is renowned for its silk weaving industry. The markets are flooded with brassware, bell metal, carpets; carvings of wood etc. magnificent hornworks are worth noticing. The carpets of Chandragiri are fabricated by Tibetan refugees. The city is a leading producer of rice and sugarcane. Its handicrafts items are also exquisite and make excellent choice for taking home the souvenirs for your family and friends.

Appealing Attractions in and Around :

Gopalpur Beach : This worth visiting site is located at 16 kilometers from Berhampur. The nature lovers will find a solace at this place. The place is accessible by a personal vehicles like bike, scooter etc. Other attractions in the nearby area are Taratarini Shrine, Oberoi Palm Beach etc. Tatatarini shrine is of unique importance to the local inhabitants. As per legends, this shrine was visited by iconic personalities like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Saint Chaitnya Mahaparbhu, and Jagadguru Shankracharya. People also believe that a mythological river Rushikulya existed herein ancient period.

Hillpatana : Present near Giri Road, this sacred shrine is a tribute to Lord Ganesha. The construction of the temple is still going on.

Dhabaleswar Beach : Locate in the proximity to Gopalpur, this beach offers a number of entering options to the adventure seekers including sailing and surfing. It is also a popular pilgrimage place. It is attributed to the presence of a Lord Shiva temple.

Bhairavi Temple : Another site at Berhampur which is important from point of view of pilgrimage is the temple dedicated to Maa Bhairavi. The place is a renowned Shakti Peetha and is idolized by the local fishermen. The temple is visited by devotees from all over South India.

Taptapani : The name suggests that it is a source of hot water. Located at a height of about 1800 feet from sea level, this hot spring is situated 56 km from the destination. You can take shelter at Panthanivas which offers tourist cottages. Kandimata Mandir is the added attraction; devotees visit it for seeking the blessings of the goddess.

Panchama : Meant for the worship of Siddha Binayka, this village is linked with the legend of King Purushottamadeva who while on his conquest accidentally found the image of Pancham Ganesh and consecrated it.

Ujaleshwar : Yet another temple that is located near Berhampur is Ujaleshwar. Accessible by a series of steps that lead you to a hillock, the shrine allows circumambulation around it. Wile enroute, you will see many picturesque surroundings present around Ghodahada Dam.

Festivals :

All the important festivals of India viz Durga Puja, Kumar Purnima, Raja Sankranti, Makar Sakranti, Dola Yatra, Chandan Yatra, Ram Navami, Saraswati Puja, Raksha Bandhan etc. are celebrated at Berhampur. Some festivals unique to Orissa like Sharad Poornima are also part of the culture of the city. As the place is inhabited by several religious communities like Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali, there are a number of other festivities that are celebrated here.

Accommodation :

Searching a good accommodation is not difficult. Some nice options are available at Berhampur. Hotel Moti, Lake View, Hotel Nandan, Sriram Bhawan are a few names. Some rest houses are also present here.

More information can be sought from tourist office located near bus stand.

Cities Nearby :

Jaugarh (35 kilometers), Gopalpur (16 kilometers), Taptapani (50 kilometers) are a few cities located nearby.

Berhampur can be one of the nice summer retreats; there are many attractions up its sleeve that you can look forward to.

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