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Orissa Places to see BHAWANIPATNA

Quick Bytes :

Location : Kalahandi, Orissa

Languages : Oriya, English

Major Attractions : Temples and Wild Life

Climate : Tropical

Best Time to Visit : Months between October and June

Bhawanipatna, a place of numerous temples, is a place of tourist interest; it is an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts who want to explore wildlife to its fullest. The city is a gateway for access to other tourist attractions that are present in the area around Kalhandi district. The city is named after the deity Bhawanishankar. Endowed with temples dedicated to a plethora of Hindu gods and goddesses, the city is famous for its "Chattar Jatra".

Alluring Attractions :

Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary : Sheltering a multitude of wild animals like leopards, tigers, chitals, sambhars, and guars, the sanctuary is constructed on a hilly terrain. The fauna here mainly consists of canopies of tropical deciduous trees. The place is a perfect haven for bird watchers and animal lovers. Added attractions are forest reserves at Sunabeda and Debrigarh.

Waterfalls : The falls add charm to the beauty of the place. Popular names in this regard are Ravanadhara, Phurli Jharan, and Khanduala. You can spend time here picnicking with family and friends.

Temples :
Like other tourist attraction at Orissa, Bhawanipatna has numerous temples where devotees congregate in large numbers to pay obeisance to their revered deities. You can visit Dhadhibamana Temple at Khariar and Pataleswara Temple at Budhikomna. Another important religious shrine is Shiva Temple located at Belkhandi.

Belkhandi Museum :
Look here for a collection of stone sculptures as well as some excavation sites. The mingling of Utei and Tel makes Belkhandi a place of interest.

Patalganga : Another holy spot located near the destination is Patalganga.

Ampani Hills : The valley of Haladigundi and Ampani Hills that rest within it are the tourist delight. Meant for watching spectacular wildlife and exclusive cave prehistoric paintings, these attractions are located at about 77 kilometers from Bhawanipatna.

Karlapat : Another wildlife attraction that will make your trip to the destination a worthwhile experience is Karlapat. Accessible from Bhawanipatna, this haven of nature is offers pleasurable sites. Khandulala Falls adds to the beauty of the place.

Belkhandi : It is an archeological site that lies at the convergence of Utei and Tel rivers.

Accommodation :

Rabi Lodge, Hotel Ruchi, Pushpa Lodge, Hotel Bishram are a few names that are present at Bhawanipatna.

Cities Nearby :

Asuragarh (35 kilometers), Karlapat (32 kilometers), Junagarh (26 kilometers), Phurli Jharan (15 kilometers).

Nature is at its best at Bhawanipatna and you need to visit the city in order to experience its charm.

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