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Orissa Places to see KAPILAS

Quick Bytes :

Location : Orissa

Languages : Oriya, English

Climate : Tropical

Attractions : Kapilas Temple

Best Time to Visit : Winter Season

Consecrated with the presence of Lord Shiva temple, Kapilas is a place of lofty peaks, the highest of which being about 460 meters from sea level. Associated with Mt. Kailash, a place of Lord Shiva, the city is frequented by thousand of devotees from nearby places who congregate on auspicious occasion to offer their services to their deity and seek blessings in return.

Attractions :

Hill Caves : Atop the hill, there are a number of caves that are linked with ancient Hindu texts like Puranas. The sacred place is closely associated with religious personalities like Mahima Gosain, Shridhar Swami etc. Gosain laid down the foundation of Mahima sect of religion while Shridhar was a famous announcer of Bhagwad Gita.

Kapilas Temple : This temple sitting majestically atop one of the hilly ranges is accessible by a series of 1351 steps. If you are in a hurry and do to tiring jib of climbing up the steps, you have an alternative way of reaching via ghat road. The premises are visited by quiet a good number of pilgrims and tourist. The temple is set amidst the backdrop of lovely Jackfruits. The ambience of the place is so charming that someone can easily mistake it for being a hill station. As rain drenches the soil, the moist smell of soil will make you crazy. From the hill, you can watch the panoramic view of the entire area.

Legend associated with Temple : If folk lore is to be believed, the temple at Kapilas was constructed by a ruler of Puri. The king was cursed as he had slain down a bull; in order to do penance, he built a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. In order to do so, he sent his soldiers on a quest to search for a sacred lingam. His soldiers saw a black cow who was spaying milk over the hill. Considering it to be an auspicious signal, king ordered the construction of the shrine there.

Atop the hill, you can stay at one of the accommodation managed by OTDC. Dining facilities are also present at some of the shops. It is suggested that you visit the temple in day time.

Other Attractions :

Among the other attractions that are present at Kapilas, Science Park and Deer Park are quiet popular.

Accommodation :

The hotels that are present here include Dharmshala at Choultry, Inspection Bungalow, and Panthasala at OTDC.

Cities Nearby :

Bhubaneswar (125 kilometers), Dhenkanal (26 kilometers).

Visit Kapilas for its scenic backdrop, picturesque hills, and scared temple that sits over lofty hills.

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