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Orissa Places to see ORISSA DANCE AND MUSIC

At a Glance :

Orissa's Capital : Bhubaneshwar

Major Language : Oriya

Attractive Travel Feature : Golden triangles

When people talk about India's folk dance forms, dance forms of Orissa captures a special position in the list of Indian dances. You can find the history of the Orissa dance form's evidence in the various carvings of the ancient times. You will find the pictures of the Orissa dancers over the cave's walls; these carvings were made during the first century. These antiquities of dances display the existence of Orissa dance forms during the dynasty of Raj. The modern dance forms of the Orissa have been modified from their fabulous past. This state also has few charming dance forms, which have become popular on the outside of Orissa state. The dance forms of Odissi actually have been given a big contribution in the Culture of India. In the oldest days, Odissi dance of Orissa was dance of temple, devdasis were performing in the temple. As time has changed, Odissi dance has been invigorated and it has made Orissa state very much popular in the world's performing dance. The folk and tribal dance tradition is little bit rich within the state Orissa. In the folk dances, the very popular dance form is Chhau. There are plenty of dance forms, which belongs to the tribal communities are just amazing. Whether it is a birth occasion, marriage or harvesting, the Orissa people have special dance forms for each and every occasion. When the topic of Orissa dance come out, then Konark Dance of Festival gets exclusive attention. This Orissa festival is committed to the dance's long tradition. Dance festival is a real big stage for the local artists, who want to showcase their excellent quality of dancing such as Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kathak.

The Odissi dance of the Orissa is an expressive art, which has glow, magic and poise. When you watch the Odissi dance of orissa, you must feel like you are reading any poetry with graceful movements. This is Orissa's traditional dance and it was originated within the temples. It has been seen, that this dance is practiced by just devdasis. There are numbers of amazing and big Temples, which was constructed during the Orissa's medieval era. Later on this dance became leading performing arts. The Odissi dance and its promoter were believed to be very much honored till the seventeenth century; it was happened in the Raj rule, the India's numbers of dances and Odissi dance also. The dancing profession when was begun, it was believed as little affair. This condition of dancing profession was kept on till the time of Independence. Later the Independence, renewal of dancers was taken place. Since that time, Odissi dance had been reached on the on the high position through numbers of talented dancers such as Guru Mayadhar Raut & Guru Deba Prasad Das. The dance art has reached on the peak position, from where it was in the earlier time. Primarily, Odissi dance showcases the emotion of lova within the Radha and Lord Krishana. The dancing movements of the Odissi dance is highly inspired from the Tirbhangi concept that separates the entire body within the 3 pieces bust, head and torso. The magic which creates through the dance is being obliged to mudras, which is hand dancing movement. These are fluency and glow of the movements don't allows you to take your eyes off for a second.

There are numbers of dance forms within the Orissa state, which keep these performing arts close to the Orissa people. Most of the dances of the Orissa state are folk and tribal. Orissa's prime folk dance is Chhau dance. This Orissa dance displays the fighting and combat themes. Majority of the scenes expressed through the dance are inspired from the Ramayana and Mahabharta epics. The pace of the dance is very quick, the foot movements are fast and also the movements of hands. So that’s why the impact of dance can't be compromised and this is a actual entertainment for the people that practiced through the masters. There are also some more prime dance forms like Ghumra dance, Naga dance. The Naga dance is strange form and it does not require any kind of music or songs. the state Orissa was and still popular because of it's numbers of folk and classical dances. In the historical times, Orissa's dances were known and practiced only in Orissa and the close places. But right now, the dance forms have became popular in the various places of world. If you won't watch the Orissa state's dance forms, then your trip of Orissa is not over. So you are getting an opportunity to being an evidence of the Orissa dance performance. The pure and elegant Orissa dance performances you will get to see in this state, you won't get to see it anywhere else.

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