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Orissa Places to see DURGA PUJA

Fast Facts :

Dedicated To : Maa Durga

Duration : Nine Days

Motive of the Fete : To appease Power(Shakti)

Religion : Hindu

Victory of Goddess Durga :

The Durga montage has an exceptional universal plea and is a resource of fervent dedication. To actually know the flavor of Bengal and pleasure in its art, music and drama, be sure that you are present at the time of Durga Puja that commences in the calendar month of (October), for witnessing the fervor and gaiety of this festival.

Legends :

The legends say that, once, there lived a huge giant called as Durga. Durga had gained such frightening supernatural power that he jeopardized to twirl the entire conception upside-down. The entire universe got frightened and the Gods pleaded to mother of all Goddess, Parvati to give them some solution. Goddess Parvati requested all the Gods to contribute some powers to her and as a result, she was flanked with many arms and Goddess Parvati sat on her vehicle and sallied out to assail the giant.

The formidable demon unspecified numerous shapes counting that of an enormous, (black buffalo) however this disguise did not work. Goddess Durga swerved him, after which the entire universe heaved a sigh of respite. As the name of the demon was (Durg), victorious Goddess Durga took the female form of his name and thus the name, (Durga).

Imagery of Goddess Durga :

Images of Goddess Durga illustrate her as beautiful and gentlewoman, skin shimmering with the happiness of all the Gods.9 of her 10 arms holds diverse weapons, like spear that stabs (heart) of beaten giant; the 10th limb, a left arm that, clutches the tresses of Durg demon and even, infrequently, holds it beheaded. Her vehicle (Vahan), the Lion, helps in attacking the enemies. Imagery of all 4 children’s include: (warrior-God, Kartik ;) (the benevolent elephant-headed Ganapathi): (the spirit of prosperity, Lakshmi): and (Spirit of knowledge, Saraswati) are attributed.

Beautifying The Idols :

As, the conception of such marvelous deities has turned out to be an extremely accomplished and customary craft conceded down the geneses of sculptor families. The deities are usually made of bamboos and straws, enclosed with clay.The deities are carved out with color full carving and reeds. Supposedly the very same stuffs are used which were earlier used to make sunhats, solar hats. This essence has the polish of (old tusk) and they are so much accomplished that the (pith sculptors) makes unbelievable to make out the carving out of the pure ivory.

The Dress is usually integrated as elements of (reed statuette) except the vibrantly painted images of the clay are displayed in iridescent crowns, outfit jewellery and apparently posh robes.

Pandals of the Puja :

These imageries are then exhibited in (convoluted stages or Puja Pandaals) - pleasure and status of the area. Families and institutions like universities and colleges frequently the entire road, gets joint months prior to the Durga puja to gather money for the honored shrines. And after this, with everybody whittling in, the enormous festively festooned stages commences to rise and at the finishing of a blind alley as it is placed in each and every corner of the city, like play grounds, family, shops,schools etc. To formulate things in a easier way, newspapers sends out their team and issues the catalog of finest pandals of the city. The pandals are usually roofed by special instructor sightseeings.

Time Of festival :

The festival goes on for four days: Saptami (seventh day) Ashtami (eighth day), Navami (ninth day) and Dashami (tenth day). 2 days of Durga Puja are dedicated to relishing the foodstuff and innumerable edifying actions of the celebratory season. You can enjoy the night long lightings and relishing flavors of the mystic Durga Pandals all across the cities  It is a feeling that drenches our mind, taste, sight, touch and sound.

The evening time is fully dedicated to tasty foods, watching others flaunting their latest clothes.Dashami is the parting day, which is ended with nostalgically admiring the immersed idols of Maa Durga. Slowly, the good-looking imageries that have been well liked and revered for so many days, submerges in to the water. A blotch of color, few flowers, twirls in the water for sometimes after which they too mix in the holy water.

Malevolence been defeated and other creation can survive in harmony for an additional Durga -secluded year.

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