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Orissa Places to see KONARK DANCE

Fast Facts :

Situated : Sun Temple,(Konark)Orissa,India

Feted For : (1st-5th December)

Portrayed as a rhyme in stone, this Sun temple located at (Konark) is the ultimate splendor of temple structural design of Orissa. The oral history, folk mythology, solitary splendor and equality fineness, have created a coating of myths covering the origins of this global legacy monument constructed in the (Thirteenth century A.D)placed on the Blonde seaside of Chandrabhaga.

Dance design :

Beautiful (dancing hall) also called as '(Natamandir)' of seven hundred years, old holy place is a carving marvel. Each and every nook and corner of the Temples wall are corded with excellent creative designs. Choir playing drums, flutes, cymbals and many other melodic instruments escorts the well-carved figures in the poses of Odissi dance. It is sanctified with varying power and an array of feelings.

A 5 Day extended Classical Dance Festival :

As a perfect mark of respect to the royal Monument, well-known (classical dancers) of the country assemble here annually at the time of the Konark Fiesta from (1st - 5th December) to display a live concert.

When sun dawns in the sphere and the shining stars become visible in the dark sky, the amphitheatre alongside the setting of the floodlighted place of worship resounds with the sound of Tala and Raga that fills in the atmosphere. The classical burlesque is a trip through undying happiness.

The fiesta furnishes a podium for the dance connoisseurs and performing artiste in welcoming the spirit of different (classical dances) of India. The podium for the event blazes in immaculate splendor of the much fashionable Chhow, Manipuri, Odissi, Kathak and Bharat Natyam, dances- a sumptuous devour for the ears and eyes . This feel of an era without any hesitation is a concoction of Sun and Frolic, Music, and Dance, Art and Craft, an entire package for 5 memorable and eventful days.

The fiesta is mutually planned by (Odissi Research Centre and Orissa Tourism).Huge preparations are prepared for the visitors to view the feista.

Accommodation :

Hotels :



Special Tours :


(Offered by OTDC)

4 Nights / 5 days

Rs. 2828 - Single Occupancy

Rs. 2020 - Twin Sharingg

3 Nights / 4 days

Rs. 2323 - Single Occupancy

Rs. 16616 - Twin Sharing

Locations Covered :

Chilka, Puri, Bhubaneshwar, Konark

Bookings :

Transport Division

O.T.D.C., Bhubaneswar

Phone: 91-674-432699, fax: 431053

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