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Orissa Places to see LAKSHMI PUJA

Fast facts :

Area : All over Orissa, India

Also called as : (Manabasa Gurubar)

Commences In : (December to January) Margashira

When the harvest is brought home, all the farmers are very happy. After 6 months of hard work in the grassland, they finally fill all the granaries with heavenly sanction of Goddess or Mata Lakshmi. Therefore, the complete month of Margashira is worned-out in idolizing Goddess Lakshmi. All the rites are linked with the fiesta Lakshmi Puja or "Manabasa Gurubara” is completed by the homemakers themselves.

Thursday is regarded an auspicious day and as a result, Thursdays are feted by plastering the house with cow chip and the floors are bedecked with stunning floral designs. These unique designs are known as Jhoti. Footmarks of Goddess Laxmi are drawn in the doorsteps, as it is believed that Goddess Laxmi comes in the house. The ceilings are festooned with colorful flower garlands

Major Ritual :

After the purifying shower in the dawn, the homemakers adore Goddess Laxmi. Special range of rice soup also called as kshiri and rice-cakes are made in each and every family unit and also are presented to Goddess Laxmi, and it is distributed amongst all as Prasad.

The Myth :

In the dusk, the holy ('Laxmi Purana') is recited or read in which a fascinating tale is told. It goes on like 'Shreeya', an impervious lady revered Goddess Laxmi by keeping a fast at the time of this fiesta. Goddess Laxmi got impressed with her bhakti also known as devotion and she left an enduring house, the place of worship that is located within the property of the Lord Jagannatha Temple. Lord Balabhadra, (Lord Jagannatha’s older brother) was aware of the truth; She was stated as tainted and was strictly not permitted to return rear into the place of worship. Goddess Lakshmi was intensely hurt and complained to Sahara, her father.

Eventually Goddess Laxmi vanished from the Temple and the complete wealth was also gone. Later on, the Gods Jagannatha and Balabhadra could not get food to uphold them. Lord Jagannatha and Balabhadra expressed regret for the fault and finally came back to the place of worship.

The 'Purana' eventually instructs every one to pay tremendous regard to (Goddess Lakshmi) and the individual who ignores Goddess Laxmi is certain to face the consequences. The complete Purana means that wealth should never be wasted.

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