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Orissa Places to see HISTORY

The state got its name from a Sanskrit phrase named Odra Desa. The state has been a subject of beauty as its reference is found in the accounts of great visitors of India. Hien Tsang a Chinese explorer referred Orissa as lace that has sharp resemblance with a Chinese region. Muslim geographer Ibn Khurdadhbin and another geographer from Persia also referred about Orissa in their accounts.

The place had been inhabited by People of various sects from the beginning of Orissa’s history. It is predicted by archegoniate that the early settler of Orissa were of hill tribe. It is expected that tribes such as Sabor and Saora used to thrive at this land during the time of Mahabharata.

A major tuning point of the state is the kalinga War forugh tby Ashoka during 261 BC. The wrathful King brought huge massacre all over kalinga. The scene of the war was so horrific that the emperor himself was filled with emotions and transformed got motivated in spreding the principles and saying of Gautam Buddha. Stupas made by Ashoka and his edicts on rocks still convey the magical transformation of the King and the horrendous devastation the war brought on Kalinga.
During the third century BC, Kharavela, a Jain emperor, established himself in Kalinga successfully. The Caves at Udaigiri and Khandagiri were made by the attempts of this great emperor.

The infrastructural development of the state began during the time of British rule in Inida. In order to manage the devastating flood and famines dams and irrigational projects were undertaken during British Raj in India.

The state was under madras presidency for a long time and during 1936, due to the efforts of a number of Oriya leaders the state got its independent identity as Orissa.

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