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Orissa Places to see STONE CARVING

At a glimpse :

Location : Throughout Orissa state.

Famous temples : Mukteshwara, Jagannath, Lingraja, etc.

Popular center : Puri village.

Originated : Earlier century.

Facts :

Orissa is the most popular destination in India, which is preserved with various attractions. This region is renowned for its arts and handicrafts that are worth watching when visited. The artisans are skilled in paintings, applique works, wood carving, and stone carving. The most famous art form after the painting is the carvings from stone and wood.

In the earlier period of time, Orissa state was very rich in making the traditional stone carving. The craftsperson from this state had made various marvelous sculptures in stone carving from the ancient times. They have also accomplished a high degree for becoming expertise in this art form. Orissa is also known as the famous pilgrimage center where a number of temples are structured in every single district and village. All the ancient holy shrines are adorned by the splendid sculptures of the god and goddess. If you have visited this state only to take a glance at the stone carvings made by the artisans then make sure you visit the perfect places in Orissa. A wide range of stone carvings that visitors can see are in the temples of Mukteshwara, Jagannath, Lingraja, and many more. They are not only popular for the stone carving, but also famous for the rock cut wonderful sculptures, and architectures. There are innumerable religious Temples that are situated in different parts of Orissa, but among all of them, few are the most popular that are only famous for the art of stone carving.

Other remarkable monuments that are present in this region which are popular for the chariot of the temple, which gives a magnifying look to the visitors. The chariots (horse drawn vehicles) are well renowned in the Sun God temple at Konark, stupas of the Udaygiri and Ratnagiri. The main attraction of the Konark Temple is the Surasundaris which gives a heavenly beauty for playing different musical instruments here. This holy shrine is not only famous for the above mentioned attractions, but it is also prominent for the Konark wheel, lion, elephants, and horse that are carved form stone. Apart from the rock cut sculptures and other stone carving models of human being and animals, other motifs are made by the artisans are the sculptures of different Hindu deities including Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha, Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Krishna. The art form of stone carving was originally initiated from the earlier period of time which was well known as one of the forms of this state. The Orissa craft is still practiced with lots of dedication and effort by a large number of craftspersons.

The craftsperson use only some of the simple tools that are needed to carve from the stone, they are the chisels and hammers of different sizes and shapes. These two tools are more than enough to carve sculpture from rock stone. There are different types of stone that are used by the craftsperson to carve; they are the extremist soft white soap rock or the Khadipathara, basically it is a lighter weight stone. The harder stone compared to the the white soapstone is the greenish chlorite or simply known as the Kochilapathara. With the same type but with the pinkish color is also known as the Baulapathara, Sahanapathara, or the “Khandolite.” Among all of them, the hardest one is the black granite which is simply called as the Mugunipathara. The stone carving done in the state of Orissa is well known as the traditional craft, which had been practiced by the craftsperson from various centuries. Today, after so many generations, this art form of carving has reached a wide extend with excellence due to the efforts and dedication.

The stone carving that are made in this place are beautiful and magnificent which visitors can explore while exploring in the state of Orissa. Besides making the marvelous motifs and the rock cut sculptures, they also carve some of the household products that are especially made from the sand stone. The white granite is used to make the replica of the huge temples into small ones. The black granite is used while making the frame of the doors or veranda (porch) in front of the house.

The modern and skillful artisans have carved various small products from the white granite which are mainly used to decorate houses. They made show pieces or items like the book rest, candle stand, paperweight, ashtray, small idol of deities and other sculptures that are made from the stone carving. In the world, India is the only country which uses the utensils and kitchenware that are made from stone even today. It is uncommon that seeks the attention of foreign countries to see. In the past century, there were no mixer grinders to make the paste, so usage of stone was made to grind any small items. The most popular center that visitors can witness while on tour to this state is the Patharasahi, where you can see a wide range of stone carving and stone cuttings are done and exhibited. The Puri village which lies in the state of Orissa is well renowned and specialized in making of the figures and icons that are carved in dissimilar dance postures that pleases the eyes of visitors with delight and charm.

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