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Orissa Places to see HIRAKUD DAM

Location : 10 km from Sambalpur in Orissa

Type of Dam : Dam and Reservoir

Height : 60.96 m (200 ft)

Impounds : Mahanadi

Spillways : 64 sluice gates

Spillway capacity : 42,450 cu. Mt

Date of Construction : 1948

Construction cost : Rs 101 crore in the year 1957


The hirakud dam is built across the Mahanadi River which is located in Sambalpur in the State of Orissa in India. The Dam was completed in the year 1948 and is the longest earthen dam ever. The Hirakud Reservoir is 55 km long and is one of the longest dams in the world.

After India became independent, the Hirakud dam became one of the first major river valley projects.

The dam is basically a composite structure made of concrete earth and masonry. It is also the longest earthen dam in Asia. It includes dykes and stands across the river Mahanadi. The major dam has an overall length of around 4.8 km. The Dam and dykes together measure 25.8 km. It also forms the biggest artificial lake in Asia which holds a reservoir of up to 743 km at full capacity with a shoreline of over 639 km.

The dam was completed in 1953 and was formally inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal who laid the foundation stones on 12 April 1948. Power generation with agricultural irrigation had started in the year 1956 and reached optimum potential in the year 1966.

The Hirakud dam was initially built as precautionary measure to protect the massive flood that affected the coastal part of Orissa. The construction of the dam affected the native part of Orissa.

Wildlife :


The debrigarh wildlife sanctuary is located near the dam. There are number of species of migratory birds that visit the reservoir during winter.

Cattle Island :


The Cattle Island is located in one of the extreme points of the Hirakud Reservoir which is a natural wonder. The island is located near the kumarbandh village of Belpahar Banharpalli mountain range which is at least 90 km from Sambalpur.

The city of Sambalpur can be approached via the Hirakud dam. It is closer by 10 km via the river.

Sorada Ghai :

Also Known as : Sarada Ghai

Famous as : A place for an Excursion

Sorada Ghai is an ideal place for an outing and the water of this reservoir is channelized to the Rushikulya River for immigration. At times the water of this irrigation is channelized to the Rushikulya River for irrigation.

Danaher and upper Jonk are irrigation projects that are ideal places for outing.

Upper Jonk :

Location : Near Patora Village from the Nawapara district of Orissa

Upper Jonk is located near the Patora Village which is 16 km from Nawapara District Headquarters in Orissa. The irrigation project near village Patora from Nawapara is place of uncommon scenic charm and was an asylum to aquatic fauna.

Surrounded by Greenclad hills it preserves a Culture which dates back to the pre-Christian era at Manikagarh.

Rengali :

Location : 92 km from Angul Orissa

Famous as : An Outing Place

The machkund hydro electric project was created through a lovely reservoir which was definitely worth a visit.

The Brahmani River shelters a dam and reservoir at Rengali admidst picturesque environs. The Rengali reservoir which is situated in the midst of nature’s beauty is a popular picnic spot for localities and visitors alike.

At a distance of 92 km from Angul the Rengali lake acts as a quite place for an outing.

Kolab Reservoir :

Location : Approximately 15 km from Koraput, Orissa

Famous as : An Outing Place

It is only 15 km from korsput and forms a reservoir called the Upper Kolab Irrigation Project. An ideal place for outing is the panacea of city dwellers.

The Kolab dam is at an altitude of about 3000 ft which is currently above the sea level on the river kolab. The place is highly admired for its scenic beauty and for attracting people for boating and weekend picnics.

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