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Sikkim Places to see GHEZING

Ghezing -  A Tete a Tete with the City :

Also Known as : Geyzing

Location : Northeastern India, Western Sikkim                       

Best Time to Visit :
February to May and September to December.

Places to See : Lakes, Monasteries, Adventure spots

Souvenirs : Local artifacts, handicrafts

Ghezing - The Tale of the City :

Lying around 110km from Gangtok, Ghezing is a great trade centre in the western part of the State of Sikkim. It has a history which dates back long and the present day Ghezing was actually a centre of Buddhist teachings. Witness to having the first Sikkimese king in 16AD, and also home to the Holy Saint Rinpoche, Ghezing has a tale of its own to relate and is an important part of Sikkim.

Ghezing - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Ghezing, Ghesing, has come to be a great tourist attraction and has the majority of transport services in the western part of Sikkim. It has some good hotels on the main market area. It is situated at a height of 1670m.

Ghezing - Travel Kitty :

The travel kitty here could be predominantly collecting the locally available handicrafts. There are lot of trinkets and small things to be picked up. The ambience of the place coupled with the scenic beauty make it less difficult for the person to tour around and gain his travel kitty. Any holiday requires us to take a lot of souvenirs back home to help us relive the lovely stay we enjoy. At Pelling a tourist could just pick up whatever is available in the market. It could be anything from paintings on canvas, to bags of cloth, handmade paper products, religious Buddhist items, to wall hangings, the Tashi Tagey which is the eight lucky signs, to the Tibetan woolen carpets; Pelling would have most of the Sikkim specials. Added to this the Thankas which are so popular in Sikkim with their religious depictions of deities, and the horse saddles and bone trumpets fill the travel kitty. Pelling sometimes also has shops which could give jewellery made out of silver, gold, stones, etc. Besides one could carry cardamom and alpine cheese of the best variety from here. If one is lucky one could also get jams, and good liqueur here. Thus the travel kitty in any city in Sikkim is a traveler’s delight.

Ghezing - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The joie de vivre of living in Ghesing, the traveler’s delight, is to understand that this land of intrigue and curiosity. The serene ambience here rests a tired traveler’s mind and the fact that it is the transport centre of Western Sikkim renders a special position in the map of India. There are many things to be seen here. Some of them are:

Monasteries :

Hin Shan Gompa :

This is place where a lot of Buddhist monks live. Around a half an hour walk from Ghezing, this has the best panoramic view of the city and of the beautifully majestic Mt.Kanchenjunga.

The Nyingma Dubdi Monastery :

This was constructed in the year 1701. A path up the monastery passes through a small river. There is a forest through which the path goes and this leads to the Gompa which is right in front of Yoksum. There are prayer flags which indicate the place of the monastery. There is a path that goes into a forest and then reaches a Gompa which is in front of the city of Yoksum. This is the oldest Sikkim monastery. The Gompa on top looks as if it is taking care of the monastery. The interiors of the monastery are filled with historical figures. Saints, symbols, old manuscripts are the mainstay as also some religious texts.

Pemayangtse Monastery :

Sikkim is a land of monasteries and Ghezing has many of them. This is amongst the premier Sikkim institutions. The entire Buddhist teachings are showcased here. The lovely Sangtok- Palri is a place where there are carvings made out of wood and these show the branches of Buddhism. Meaning the Perfect Sublime Lotus, this is amongst the important Sikkimese monasteries. This was found in the year 1705, and is a part of the Nyingmapa sect. It has three stories which houses many sculptures and paintings. A wooden model of the Guru Rimpoche is on the third monastery. It has angels, rainbows and a lot of panoply of Boddhisatva. Cham is a religious dance here in the monastery.

Popular Places to Visit :

Yoksum :

This is the main area where the trekkers start their adventure when they come to Ghesing, the trekker’s paradise. Situated in Western Sikkim, it is a vast expanse found on the Rathong Chu gorge origin. It has a history behind it as this is the place where Chogyal Phuntsog Namgyal, the first Sikkimese religious head was made the king. The three lamas, met here in Yoksum. Also the Norbugang Chorten in Yoksum is the venue where Lhatsun Chenpo put the offerings. This Chorten is built of earth and stones from various areas in the State of Sikkim. In the first Chogyal one finds a footprint which is engraved in a rock by a Lama.

Varsey :

Ghezing with its Rhododendrons is a picture of scenic beauty. The inclined slopes in the mountains seem to beckon the tourist to go into their arms. The heart fills with delight with each lovely view that the tourist gets of the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges. From Varsey one can see the majestic mountain chain from Kaluk Rinchenpong to Soreng. Bicycles are available in plenty and an adventure addict can cycle through the terrain at his own sweet will. This is a place which provides perfect R & R to the tourist. One can come here, forget the hustling life of the city and just lay back relaxing the calm senses.

Lakes :

Kathok Lake :

This small water body is full of scum and is found at the tip of Ghesing. The beauty of the surroundings is something one could only dream of. It is very much as beautiful as the Khecheopalri Lake. One can have a good view of the peaks of the majestic Himalayas from a distance.

Adventure :

Trekking :

Sikkim is synonymous with trekking. Yuksom is the main area where the trek starts. Tourists come back with unforgettable tales of how they had a good time. The treks take a trekker to paradise and the virgin peaks seem to come alive with the energy exuded by these adventure lovers. The trek and the experience is like a fairy tale with the verdant Rhododendron forests making it even more heavenly. Dzongri is a place where the trek goes as high as 12,800 feet. Any tourist coming to Sikkim should surely have this experience and he would tell the tales till he gets his grandchildren.

Goe Chala :

One can also go up to a height of 18,000 feet if one is a true adventure lover and a devoted trekker. This takes the trekker up to the majestically beautiful breathtaking Mt. Kanchenjunga or Khangchendzonga.

Dzongri :

Lying 4200m above sea level this is amongst the best Sikkim trekking spots. The peaks of the Himalayan ranges make the skyline milky and tourists are left gasping for more. The lovely green golden horizon is a sight that the tourist will remember forever. Added to this, the Tethys Sea adds to the beauty. With the Mt. Kanchenjunga being etched in every tourist’s memories, snowfall is a common sight here. The Dzongri trek is considered one of the toughest, and it starts from Yuksom.

Nearby Cities to Visit :

Gangtok :


A rendezvous with Gangtok, the lofty hill reveals that the land was flattened to construct a monastery there. With the breeze grazing your face and the mist covering the city and with the Lamas giving their prayers the vibrancy in the city comes due to the lovely people around dressed in beautiful silk, laden with silver jewellery. The pagodas with their lovely painted roofs and the hill of Lukshyma and the citadels around give the city its authentically mystical look. The ambience here is intriguing, and the monasteries add to the enchantment. The lamas sound their trumpets from the far away valleys and render this place a magical experience. When a person visits Gangtok, he looks out for the ideal travel kitty. Gangtok, the city of lamas, is a place with a lot of entertainment and pleasure. The carved furniture, the bags which are woven, and the artifacts made of bamboo, are a perfect treat for the tourist. Besides this the decorative pieces in Gangtok is a traveler’s ecstasy. The intricately designed articles and the lovely decorations, around provide the perfect travel kitty. The handicraft articles, masks, and the tables of Choktse and the hangings of thanka.

Thus Ghezing is a place of beauty, culture, tradition and history. One can only see it to believe it.

As one leaves the place he thinks “This is paradise, this is heaven, this is ghezing.”

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