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Sikkim Places to see LEGSHIP

Legship - A Tete a Tete With The City :

Location : Northeastern India, Western Sikkim

Best Time to Visit : Throughout the year, but preferable winter months

Places to See : Temple, Hot Springs, Hydro electric Dam, Caves

Souvenirs : Paintings on canvas, to bags of cloth, handmade paper products, religious Buddhist items, to wall hangings, the Tashi Tagey.

Legship - The Tale of the City :

Known as the Gateway to Western Sikkim, this beautiful location has a history dating back to many years. Legend has it that this is the place where one of the mythological heroes of the Indian Epic Mahabharata, Arjun, performed penance. Lord Shiva got pleased and appeared in front of Arjun as a hunter or a kirat. He did this to test Arjuna’s devotion. This is the reason we find a Kirateshwar temple here. Located along the River Rangit, Legship today is a spot for tourism because of the temple.

Legship - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Legship, the gateway to Sikkim is more known for its hydro electric dam. This dam has a lake that has formed at its base and the picnic loving tourists have a picnic here. The entire area known as the Rangit Water World has also today become famous as there are river rafting facility. Today Legship is a hotbed of tourism because of its locals who helped in promoting the region. With an enthralling view of the majestic Himalayas and the perfect ambience for a tourist locale, Legship is a paradise and a tourist’s delight.

Legship - A Rendezvous :

A rendezvous with Legship reveals that it is the connecting point between Pelling and Ghezing. It has a market where we can find taxis that ply to south and west Sikkim. Actually situated on the river banks of Rangeet and Kalez, Legship, the small paradise, is around 26 km from Pelling. The roads from Yuksam, Rabangla, Gangtok, Kewzing, Tashiding, Pelling, Jorethang, Gheysing cross here at Legship.

Legship - Travel Kitty :

Any holiday requires us to take a lot of souvenirs back home to help us relive the lovely stay we enjoy. At Legship a tourist could just pick up whatever is available in the market. It could be anything from paintings on canvas, to bags of cloth, handmade paper products, religious Buddhist items, to wall hangings, the Tashi Tagey which is the eight lucky signs, to the Tibetan woolen carpets, Legship would have most of the Sikkim specials. Added to this the Thankas which are so popular in Sikkim with their religious depictions of deities, and the small tables decorated with a style which is traditional and have the facility of being folded up fill the travel kitty. Legship sometimes also has shops which could give jewellery made out of silver, gold , stones, etc. Besides one could carry cardamom and alpine cheese of the best variety from here. If one is lucky one could also get jams, and good liqueur here. Thus the travel kitty in any city in Sikkim is a traveler’s delight.

Legship - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The joie de vivre in Legship, the Lord Shiva city is to feel the ambience, breathe the air of serenity and live the experience. The sheer legend behind this city and the local sentiments attached, the simplicity of the people and the magnanimity of the surroundings render a tourist totally helplessly enthralled. It is a small region with a check post for police and is just before Ghezing. A person coming here would get to see the following :

Temple :

Kirateshwar Mahadev Mandir :

This temple near the River Rangit is believed to be the temple built in memory of the appearance of Lord Shiva in the form of a hunter in front of Arjun who was penancing to please the Lord. Kirat means hunter hence the temple is named Kirateshwar meaning the Hunter God. It is a pilgrim site for the Hindus. History has it that many years back a Shiv Ling came out of a stone here. This is the main worship here. It is believed that anyone coming here would get their wish fulfilled, especially if they are praying for a child. There is a festival held here on the day of Shivrathri annually but in the months of December or January.

Rama and Durga Temples :

These are also temples found in Legship. Festivals in these temples are celebrated making a tourist enjoy the small pilgrimage in Legship.

Hot Springs :

Reshi Hot Springs :

The water in these hot springs have medicinal value so the tourists come here to enjoy a quick dip. The NHPC has constructed this and it is very near the site of the dam. One can come here only during the winter season to enjoy it the fullest.

Phurchachu Hot Springs :

Lying in front of the Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves this hot spring is visited by many from Bhutan, West Bengal, Nepal and Sikkim. They have a dip here and believe it has medicinal effects. There are many tourists who spend a month here and enjoy life on the river bank.

Hydro electric Dam :

Legship Hydroelectric Dam :

This is a dam that also has a magnificent lake that has been formed out of the overflowing water from the dam. Known as the Rangit Water World, this place is also a tourist spot for other activities like fishing, picnics, swimming etc. The dam is on the bed of the River Rangit, between a lot of cliffs.

Caves :

Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves :

Sikkim has four popular caves, where it is believed that the Great Saint Guru Rinpoche performed mediation. This 8th century Saint meditated here along with Nub Dechenpu, Sahrcho Phephu, and Chyang Lhari Ngingphu. It is also said that Guru Rinpoche actually tamed a demoness here.

Entertainment Factor :

So Legship, the Rinpoche blessing, is a place to reckon with and a lovely little paradise tucked away in a small part of the State of Sikkim. This place has its entertaining factors and one of them is the festival that is held commemorating Shivrathri. Held in the winter months of December and January, this is normally celebrated by the Shiv devotees.

Thus, Legship offers a small surprise vacation for the tired and weary travelers. One can have a stopover here on the way to Pelling and then get rejuvenated and continue the journey ahead.

As a person leaves this place he thinks, “Rejuvenated feel, Legship surely heals.”

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