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Sikkim Places to see SIKKIM HILL STATIONS

Sikkim state is entirely flourished by the beautiful and naturally blessed places. Finding a hill stations within this state is very difficult because this state is totally verdant and delicate, that the complete state is look like a big hill station. Sikkim state is very small state. This state is popular by its stretched greenery on the entire landscape. The very famous hill station of Sikkim is the Sikkim is Gangtok. Gangtok hill station is a real spot which has been blessed by the Nature god and also the excessiveness of culture. Gangtok is like an attractive and prime ornament of Sikkim state, without this hill station ornament the beauty of Sikkim won't get complete. This marvelous place has given a great contribution, to make Sikkim state famous and noticeable in front of the world. The meaning of the Gangtok name is hill top, the name itself; it is showing its importance. Gangtok is a one of the ideal place for the tourists. This hill station of Sikkim is like actual treat served to the tourists and visitors.

On the foothills of the Mount Kanchendezonga, the garden state has been stretched; it is a Sikkim state's capital city. The long road and the village has been covered by the colors sheet and also the fragmenting flowers, this is major source to magnet the tourist. The actual surprise for tourist is butterflies, wild herbs, birds and flowers etc offers by the land of the state. All this elements, you will get to see while going towards the high hills. The religious aspects of this state include more spiritual beauty in it like multicolored lamas, glowing Gangtok, holy monasteries etc. all these spots are spotted by the fluttering flags. While the enjoyable journey of Sikkim, to gain some spiritual thoughts, these structures are standing. This place is popular because of almost five hundred types of orchids, the Gangtok hill station is best location for the floral during the month of June - October and also in the start of December. During this period, the entire state looks like it has been painted by the different bright colors; that’s why tourists majorly visit Sikkim during these months. You also try to plan the trip of Sikkim within these months and enjoy one more beautiful face of the nature.

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