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Sikkim Places to see GANGTOK HILL STATION

At a Glance :

Region : Sikkim state, eastern district

Relevance : Sikkim's capital city

Altitude Location : One thousand eight hundred seventy meter

Perfect Visiting Time :
During the middle February - end of May and from the middle September - December

Gangtok hill station is a capital city of Sikkim state and also Gangtok hill station is a crown of Sikkim state. This is a lofty hill, which had been made to construct the monastery of Gangtok during the year of 1716. the length of the city does not get finish; it looks like, it has been spread on entire the earth' you must be taking it as a story book but if you are not believing then you must visit this huge creation of the nature. On the Gangtok hill station, you will get to see the many spiritual structures on which the prayer flags are lashing by the breeze; the wheels are which are spinning within the Lamas hands, are look like they are mumbling some chants to god. Some area of this hill station has been covered by the snows and because of the roofed houses the streets are looking like newly painted paths. The regional people welcome you by friendly smile. One of the attractive and noticeable characteristic of Gangtok is Lukshyama hill, it is known as Mother of pearl; it is a fortress of a magical mountain that is Khang-Chen-Dzod-Nqa.

Spiritual vibes are present in the air of this city, the valleys, the monasteries, and the theology. While roaming within the Goangtok hill station, you will get to hear the sound of big trumpets, played by the robed lamas.

Major Attractive Spots :

Research Institute of Tibetology :

The institute has been surrounded by the forest of the ash, oak and birch, this research institute is a major benefit of Tibetan language. The literature of this institute is a liberal one, which is only one in the whole world of the Mahayana Buddhism. In the whole world this institute is a one prime institute, which organizes the research of Tibet culture and language. This institute contains reputed and brilliant faculty. You can give visit to the museum and library of this institute, it is also open for outside people; the visiting time is between 10:00 am to 04:00pm, on government holidays and Sundays, they are closed.

Tsuklakhang - The Imperial Chapel :

This imperial chapel has been placed on the palace grounds. It is majorly is famous as Tsulakhang royal. This is a prime place of assembly & adoration and also the essential storage of ancient Buddhist scriptures.

Tashi View Point :

This point is located on the northern side of the Sikkim highway, the distance between this point and Gangtok is around eight kilometers. From Tashi point, you will get to see an amazing view of the Mount Siniolchu & Mount Khangchendzonga, Mount Siniolchu is one beautiful and eye pleasant peak among the other peaks of the India.

Dul-Dul Chorten - Jhang Club Chortan :

This India's one of the beautiful state is honored by the various Stupas, which have been dedicated to the Lord Buddha and his one of the honest and committed followers. There are 2 superb Stupas such as Jhang Club Chorten, it was constructed to give the aliveness to the great spiritualist's memory in current world and another is Dul-dul-Chorten was constructed to memorialize of good power over the bad power. During the, 1962 the passionate devotee of Buddha & one among best predictors of Lord Buddha left from the world. The Stupa of these two personalities has been placed on the land, where they were born.

Government Institute of Cottage Industries :

From the major Gangtok market, this institute has been situated about ½ kilometers. The aim behind making this institute was to publicize the sale and production of the regional handicraft items. Thankas is a local handicraft item of Sikkim, it is a carved wooden table; the carving is done by the artists. It is also known as a Choksees. Around hundreds of student workers are engaged into the cottage craft manufacture, these artists make is attractive by the plush, designer textures, creative designs which gives a very sophisticated look. This type of handicraft items are very much famous in the entire world, the Sikkimese carpets are very much stipulated from various countries people. the Tankhas of Sikkim are decorated by the beautiful dolls, appliqué work. Here you will get the opportunity to but the very fine and elegantly carved wooden tables, lamp stands, hand colored masks, bamboo and shades craft. Flashing silks, esoteric masks, embroidered boots, opulent brocades and costumes of Sikkimese dancers' etc things give a bright and eye catching look to the whole market area of Sikkim.

Hanuman Tok :

From the village of Gangtok, the distance for Hanuman Tok is about eleven kilometers. This Tok is located over the area of Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok includes the Hindu shrine; it is very reputed temple among the spiritual devotees of Sikkim state. Many worshippers visit this temple and present their prayer in front of the deities.

Ganesh Tok :

This one of attractive spot has been located on the edge, from Gangtok the distance is around seven kilometers. From this spot, you will get to see various types of birds, roaming around the village of Gangtok. The scenery of Gangtok hill station is very pleasant and peaceful that’s why you might not feel to leave from this place. While taking a sip of hot coffee or tea, capture the every view of the Gantok into your eyes.

White Hall :

During the year of 1932, this hall was constructed in the reminiscence of Sikkim's 1st political officer, Claude White. Here you will also get to see the Badminton court & officer's club within this white hall.

Menmecho Lake :

This lake is flowing about twenty kilometers forward to the Changu Lake. This has been structured among the Jelapla Pass; it is a Ranpochu River's source that emerges into the Teesta located at Rangpo. You will get the accommodation facility here, within the tourist lodge & Dak bungalow.

Kabi Longstok :

This one of the interesting spot of the Gangtok is about twenty five kilometers far from Gangtok. It is located before the Phodong. At this place, on one place you will see huge trees, on which the Khye Bhumsa, the Chief Tibetan and Lepcha Chieftan Tetong had been signed.

The Ridge :

This spot is a tiny plain, which is located on the above side of the Gangtok village. If you will go from the major market place, it will take only 5 minutes by walk. This place contains the official house of Chief Minister; the gate of this house is very delightfully designed. Ridge has been decorated by the various types of trees and plants; this place looks magnificent when the trees bloom in different bright colors. Tourists from whole world visit this spot to see the multicolored look of the nature.

Deer Park :

This park is also known as a Rustomji Park; it got name after Dewans of Sikkim's Chogyal. This park contains a huge open field that includes native animals of Sikkim state such as Himalayan Bear & red panda. Here you will also see the Lord Buddha's sculpture model in the memory of this great personality's preaching; this sculpture has added a more beauty in Deer Park's looks. On the front side of the Lord Buddha's statue, there is a butter lamp; this lamp is bounded by the graceful flowers. From this park, you will get amazing sight of hills; this park is bounded by the huge Gangtok hill station.

Changu Lake :

The depth of this lake is average, about fifty feet. Changu Lake is located about thirty five kilometers from the Gangtok hill station. The altitude location of the Lake is around twelve thousand feet on highway of Gangtok - Nathu. From the near by years, this Lake has been also release for the tourist people. The atmosphere of this Lake is very cool and relaxed; it surrounded by the pleasant and beautiful scenic. Over the lake side, you will see the small shrine, which has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Tourism department of the Sikkim organizes the package tours of this Changu Lake. In the surrounding area of the Lake, the local people are producing the alpine vegetation and also different types of flowers. If you will go little bit ahead this Lake, you can see the ancient cave of 3 storeyed; you will feel your Sikkim trip worthy after visiting this Tseten Tashi.

Yumthang Hot Sprinf :

The altitude location of this Yumthang hot spring is about twelve thousand feet; from the Gangtok hill station the distance is about one hundred thirty five kilometers on the northern side of the Sikkim state. When you cross the Lachung River by the pedestrian bridge, you will reach to Sulphur springs. Around this spring, there are 2 huts, which include 2 pools to take a bath.

Ipecac Garden :

From the Gangtok hill station, this garden is around fourteen kilometers far on the downward side & from the Ranipul the distance is about two kilometers. Later on the plant Ipecac this garden got the name. Apart from the plant, this garden also includes various types of flora, medicinal plants and various types of orchids. Ipecac garden is a nice spot for picnic, because it also has a swimming pool.

Yumthang :

Yamthang is an abrasion field, which also has a rest house of forest. This spot of Gangtok has been bounded by the vertical mountains. From Lachung, the road towards the Yumthang is neighboring to Singba Forest Reserve. This location includes very beautiful land also the Rhododendrons, during the May month this area blooms.

Kechopari Lake :

This lake is located on the cracked road, on which the Yoksum and Gyalsing are situates. The meaning of the Kechopari is wishing Lake. This Lake is bounded by the wild animals and huge forest area. The entire area of Lake is very much clear; you won’t see even a single leaf on land because the birds quickly pick it up.

Yaksey :

It is a tourist lodge, from the Lachung the distance of Yaksey is about six kilometers. For tourist people Yaksey is a perfect place. if you will move ahead then after completing around twenty three kilometers distance you will reach at hot spring called Yumey Samdong, it is close to Sebu-Chu River. On the foot area of Donkia La pass, this has been located; it links the Lachen valley to Lachung.

Visit :

New Jalpaiguri is a closest railhead that lies around one hundred twenty five kilometers far from the Gangtok hill station. This railhead is nicely linked to the all essential citites of the India.

Bagdora is a nearest airport, where you should land if you are coming by air. To all essential Indian metros this airport is connected.

By road also Gangtok hill station is well connected to places like Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Siliguri etc major cities of Sikkim.

Stay :

Gangtok hill station is very well developed place of Sikkim, that’s why you will easily get the hotels and resorts for accommodation. The hotels and lodges of Gangtok offer various types of luxurious facilities for tourists.

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