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Sikkim Places to see PELLING HILL STATION

At a Glance :

Region : Western Sikkim

Attractive Tourist Spots : Sanga Choling monstery & Trekking

Altitude Location : Two thousand eighty five meter

Perfect Visiting Time : Middle February – May and middle September – December

Pelling is a very beautiful and delightful destination, which has given its contribution to make Sikkim state extraordinary delightful and tremendous. Pelling hill station has been wrapped under the snow of the peak. This is situates about ten kilometers far from the Sikkim's Geyzing. This is a recreated place, which is closest spot of the Kanchenjunga. The natural beauty of this place is can not be describe in the words, because the words are less to explain the extreme beauty of this land. The elevation location of this hill station is about six thousand eight hundred feet. Peeling is a perfect place, if you want to take a zoom view of whole nature and also the spreader ranges of the mountains. This hill station of Sikkim is like a small village, which is becoming famous because of its amazing eye pleasant features. This location gives a panoramic view, which has been decorated by the snowy rocks & clouds. Rather than these natural ornaments, the attractive aspects of Pelling contain the monastery of Sanga and Choeling. You can easily reach at this place, by a cool walk on the hill's steep slopes.

The other attractive elements are Khelcheopalri Lake and Monastery, these spots comes under the different sections. After roaming in the entire Pelling hill station, still you will get more enjoyment from the Sangay waterfall. This is a interesting location, which is located about ten kilometers from the hill station Pelling. At this place, you will get to take fun from the pure white dazzling waterfall; the view of the amazing waterfall from the bridge is just mesmerizing. The additional aspect of Pelling is, this hill station location has been linked with the Gangtok and Siliguri. Even if the Sikkim state is geographically small state, still it is very well developed state. That’s why the different parts of the state are nicely connected with each other.

Villages of this state were not really developed before several years, but now the tourism is increasing that’s why huge numbers of tourist are giving importance to Sikkim state. The Sikkim state's Pelling station is slowly converting into the fully developed city, this thing making Sikkim state special and unique among other states.\ after this development and urbanization the real glow and charm is still present in the Pelling hill station, it has not faded. Here you will get to numbers of dazzling waterfalls, villages, smooth routes of trekking and pleasant atmosphere, which will refresh you completely. You will be ready to face your daily busy life after the energetic and joyful Sikkim trip. The actual motto behind visiting the hill station is must be creating as much as happy and joyful memory so that mind & soul will refresh.

Major Attractive Spots :

Saga Choling Monastery :

There is a tiny monastery, about four kilometers far from the Pelling hill station. This spot is one among the other Sikkim's historical gompas. By the Lhatsun Chenpo, this gompas had been created. This gompas were acclaimed within the Nyingmapa. One of the aspects of gompas had been re constructed and it also contains few actual statues of clay, that aspect is Gutta.

Visit :

Reaching at Pelling is not really difficult because of the availability of connected road. Even in the late night, there are shared jeeps which run between the two points, Peeling & Ghezing. These jeeps run towards the Siliguri at a one time in a whole day and towards the Gangtok twice a day. There is not transportation modes are available to reach at Yoksum from the hill station Pelling. There are regular buses for the Ghezing, these buses travel through the Tashiding & Legship. There is a one bus which takes you for Ghezing via passed of Pelling and Khechaeopalri.

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