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Sikkim Places to see CUISINES

Fast Facts :

Situated : Sikkim, India

Culinary Delights : Gya Thuk or Thukpam, Phagshapa, Momo, Ningro along with Churpi, Sael Roti and Gundruk.

Popular Drink : Chaang

Sikkim has commingled of traditions and cultures of India, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. You can see the reflection of cultures in their cuisines. The bizarre collaboration of many cuisines has ensued in to the cuisines of Sikkim.Today Sikkim has its own set of specialty which constitutes of different recipes and food habits. These habits and recipes have come up with the experiments and traditional wisdoms of generations. Now a days the cuisines of Sikkim is gaining popularity amongst the masses and entered the kitchen of the world as a popular cuisine.

The traditional food of Himalayas plays an important role in the diet culture of this state. Rice is the staple food of sikkim.Dairy products and meat also forms a major portion of intake. Beverages and fermented foods are also in demand over here. As Sikkim is located in a higher altitude, the crops grown here include wheat, barley, soyabeans, vegetables, buckwheat, finger millet etc.

The cuisines also include fresh vegetables, wild flowers, nettle leaves, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and dals.Some of the relishing items includes pork, fish, and beef. The important aspect about the Sikkim cuisine is that the cuisines it has been materialized under geographical compulsion, cultural contacts and changing needs of the near by areas. This has helped them to modify and change their distinctive cuisine.

Thukpa it is a sou, kinema Curry, Sinki soup that is a fermented soup of vegetables, Chhurpi Soup is made up of traditional cheese, Tomato Achar, Pakku is a mutton curry, Shimi ka achar also known as pickle of string bean are some of the favorites amongst the locals.

Fermented beverages and vegetables are common things of consumptions in the cuisines of Sikkim as this place is located in a very remote location, it is not every time possible to get stuffs, so they preserve their food some times. Alcoholic drinks are the favorites amongst the men and the women as it is too cold out there. The assortment of pickles, beverages and soups makes the cuisines more delicious and flavorsome.

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