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People of a state have their own codes of leading life as they manage to make their food, develop the sense of art and craft, and form a unique set of rituals as their tradition which ultimately forms the cultural heritage of a state. The culture of Sikkim will show an analogy with the culture of the neighboring countries. This is due to the fact that in the earlier times Sikkim and the neighboring countries like Nepal and China were woven within a single kingdom. Naturally, much of the cultural heritage of the state is imbibed from Nepal and China.

The Sikkim cuisine involves a blend of the cooking styles of Nepal, China, Bhutan and India. The amalgamation of cuisines of different places has made the food of Sikkim a different one than rest of the places in India. The basic ingredients of Sikkim cuisine involve lentils, fresh vegetables, shoots of bamboo, nettle leaves and mushrooms. Beef, Fish and pork are the primary delicacies in non-vegetarian items. Thukpa, Momo, Tomato Achar, Kinema curry, Sinki Soup, Chhurpi Soup and Meso pickle are some of the gastronomic delights of Sikkim.

The variety found in cuisines of Sikkim is also noticed in its folk dances. The dances of Sikkim are generally divided in three different natives of the place namely Butias, lepchas and nepalis. Lu Khangthamo is a wonderful Bhutia folk dance that is performed during festivals that mark thanks giving to the Gods of all the three worlds i.e., Heaven, hell and earth. Another Sikkimese dance Rechungma is a unique dance performed to show the gratitude of people towards God for his blessings. This dance is usually performed during occasions like childbirth, marriage etc. Among the most popular old dances of Sikkim, Maruni is a renowned one. This dance is performed during a festival that is similar to Diwali and also performed during marriage ceremonies.

The beautiful dances of Sikkim owe a lot to the embellished costumes. The embellishments are made by the talented craftsmen of Sikkim who have flourished the art and craft in the state to form a priceless asset. The richness Sikkimese art and craft is well displayed by the artistic designs developed by native people. Carpet weaving is one of the fortes of Sikkimese women and carpets of Sikkim are an important item of export to foreign countries. Wood carving is a trademark art of the people of Sikkim as one can trace the artistry of wood carvings in buildings and monasteries. Thangka Painting are famous and some of the giant thangkas at monasteries are a matter of great pageantry.

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