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Originally the inhabitants of Sikkim are lepchas who migrated from Myanmar or Assam during 13thcentury. Later on in 15th century Bhutias from Tibet also joined in the existing population of Sikkim. The state shows a great reverence to Vajrayana Budhdhism founder Guru Rinpoche. It was believed that he had great magical powers and could foretell event. He foretold the era of monarchy in Sikkim during 8th century which really happened in 14th century.


During 1641 Phuntsog Namgyal was crowned as the first king of Sikkim. After he came to power the capital of Sikkim moved to Rabdentse first and then to Tumlong and finally settled in Gangtok. The Mangyal dynasty had a huge area under their rule, which included the upper part of greater Bengal, eastern Nepal and Darjeeling. However, this huge kingdom shrunk to a small one after several wars with Bhutan. As a result of war, several Nepali Hindus migrated to Sikkim and eventually formed a majority in the state.


During the British rule in India, Darjeeling was taken from Namgyal dynasty by brining the then king in the year 1835. Gradually the entire Sikkim and also a part of Tibet were annexed by British rulers.


The last king of Namgyal dynasty was deposed by Indian Government following a revolt among the Nepalis in Sikkim. Rivalry between Chinese and Indian government on the issue of Sikkim’s possession has made Indian government take pro-active attempts to develop the infrastructure of the state. This consequently helped Sikkim to become an affluent state compared to the rest of the states of Himalayan range.

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