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At a glance :

Region : Sikkim.

Major Religion : Tibetan Buddhism.

Transportation Mediums : Rail, Road and Air.

Prime Tribes : Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese.

Sikkim state of India has been made by diversified aspects. Due to that you won't find the same Culture in different parts of Sikkim state. As per ancient history, their inhabitants, their culture, lifestyle and customs get changed. The one thing that is prevalent in the entire Sikkim state is this state's loving people, you can go to any corner of this state, you will get a warm welcome and love from all Sikkimesse. They are very much simple and friendly, which has made Sikkim state proud. Along with the peace and pleasant place, Sikkim state is too colorful and enthusiastic state. Each and every happy moment and occasion is celebrated with lots of energy and zeal. Sikkim state is known as a state of hill stations, this state is not just beautiful by naturally created aspects but the real beauty of this place is actually living inside the state. As per any single Indian person, Sikkim state's people also like to celebrate their each and every festival. They like to live with their oldest tradition, because only tradition makes them different from other people. Sikkim state's people and culture has been presented through below aspects.

Religion in Sikkim :

Out of the total population of Sikkim state, almost 2/3 population believe in Hindu religion. This population belongs to Nepalese community. Sikkimese are very religious people. Religion plays a very essential role in Sikkim state. Hinduism and Buddhism are the 2 prime religions of this state. Buddhism religion has entered into the society of Sikkim state and become a prime religion, but the actual religion of this state is Hindu that is followed by a number of Sikkimesse people. Bhutias tribal and Tibetan people believe Buddhism religion; where as Nepalese people believe Hindu religion. Apart from the Hinduism and Buddhism religion, other religions such as Islam, Christianity etc. too flourish there, because Sikkim state's people are broadminded. Like the entire India, even Sikkim state has different religions followers; still they live in this land peacefully and happily.

Transport in Sikkim :

Good Transportation facility is one of the prime reasons behind capturing a large number of tourists; this trick might be practiced through Sikkim Travel and Transportation department that’s why every year a number of tourists are increasing. Transportation facility is developed that you can reach Sikkim state through any transportation medium whether it is rail, road or air. Sikkim is reachable through these 3 sources. Each corner of Sikkim state is well connected to each other by these transportation modes. Due to the motto of providing unforgettable and amazing Sikkim trip, tourism department has started to offer helicopter service, especially for tourists. This helicopter service offers you a big picture view of the entire Sikkim state. Through the helicopter, you get an opportunity to discover this state thoroughly. This unforgettable experience cannot be found anywhere else, just Sikkim state has provided this service to make your trip more interesting and thrilling. This service takes you from Gangtok to Sikkim's Bagdogra airport and it also takes you back. They serve exclusive luxurious helicopter of 5 seaters. There are some rules and regulations, regarding the helicopter ride, which you have to know and every tourist need to follow. During your helicopter ride, you will actually feel that you are a bird and roaming in the beautiful Sikkim state by forgetting all stress, tensions. You will get to see unnoticeable aspects of this state; you won't get to experience, if you will travel within state by bus or taxi.

Tribal :

Huge part of Sikkim land and population has been captured by the tribal people. Tribes are one of the essential parts of this state. Sikkim state's tribal people are inhabitants of ancient Sikkimese. At present also, they follow their own culture, traditions and customs that’s why their identity in Sikkim state is still alive. There are 3 prime tribes such as Bhutias, Lepchas and Nepalese. Some tribal people reside in the city area of Sikkim and they are involved in the professions like Government service and business. Due to many activities of Sikkim Government for development, such as bridges, roads and buildings, tiny part of tribal population has migrated into neighboring nations like Nepal and plains. Lepchas tribal people are considered as actual Sikkim people. This tribe manifested in Sikkim state before other 2 tribes like Nepalese and Bhutias. The ancient Lepchas believed on Mune or Bone faith. Actually they had believed on good, spirits and bad. People of this tribe are very simple. They like to wear their traditional attires. They communicate in their Lepcha language. Another tribe Bhutias, has people who originated from Tibet. They come to Sikkim state in the fifteenth century. Bhutia tribal people speak in Sikkimese language. As compared to other tribe's villages, Bhutia tribe makes large villages. Their house is known as Khin, they generally built houses in rectangular shape. Their traditional dress is called as Bakhu. These tribe women like to wear attractive gold jewellery. The last prime tribe is Nepalese; this tribe existed in the Sikkim state after much time of Bhutias and Lepchas tribes. They came into Sikkim state in large number and in very short time they became the most influencing community of Sikkim state. This tribe contains almost eighty percent population of total Sikkim's population. This tribe's people also like to wear their traditional costumes. This tribe's people are also very simple and down to earth. They are still living as per their ancient customs and values; to keep their tribe's identity.

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