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Sikkim Places to see TIBETAN BUDDHISM

Get Known :

Region : Sikkim

Perfect Visiting Time : During the months October till May

Attractive Tourist Spots : Gangtok & Monastries

Prolusion :

This is one of India's eastern states which is located under the pure and pleasant nature's shed it is a land of Kanchendzonga mount, which is renowned due to its eye pleasing snow, splendors and breath taking mountains views, scarce varieties of flora & fauna, which you can hardly see anywhere else. All these natural aspects gives you a warm welcome, through their hospitable and warm resided people. If you will observe each and every building of Sikkim state, you will definitely find something that resembles it to Kanchandzonga or Lord Buddha. Even when you enter inside this state, you will get to see entrance that is built in structural style of Tibetan pagoda. Since so many years, this state has become a live evidence of rapid growth of Sikkim state's adventurous tourism, due to which huge numbers of tourists come to this state and explore it thoroughly. Tourists visit Sikkim state in the search of peace and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore the real sublime and aesthetic frontier of monastries, Pagodas ad Gompas are missed out from the list of tourists but it is very much popular in the entire world.

Dominance of Tibetan Buddhism :

Within Sikkim state, ancient Tibetan Buddhism is flourishing. As per the history, the holy Buddhism religion has entered the Sikkim state during the seventh & eighth centuries, which is after words stretched over the Sikkim state. Buddhist commentaries & texts have been interpreted from ancient Sanskrit language. Sikkim state's capital Gangtok is a very important spot, because here the Tibetology's research institute is located, it is known as contemporary Tibetan Buddhism, and many precious research on Tibetan Buddhism is practiced by brilliant people in this center. Tibetan Buddhism is unique in itself; it is committed to Tibetan Buddhist who is searching nirvana. Buddhism is a very holy and renowned religion that holds Sharmanistic factors & contains prayers, hymns and praise of numbers of spirits.

The especial element of this religion is slow refining of Buddhism religion within all prime cosmopolitan towns and cities that are located on the western side of Sikkim state. As per Richard Gere, actor who has converted into the Tibetan Buddhism religion, it is very common within Sikkim during 1984 year, he spends a number of months of each year in traveling & talking by the side of holy Tibetan Buddhism, Dalai Lama. During his stay, he had founded 'seven years of Tibet'. One more Hollywood celebrity Stevan Segal had been recognized through Penor Rinpoche, who Nyingma lineage’s supreme head is as revitalize Tulku. Not just power or famous people have got attracted towards Buddhism. As per Diana Eck, pluralism project's director of Harvard University, he has recently explored Sikkim state's charming Buddhist monasteries, supporter are stuffing out almost one thousand five hundred Buddhist monasteries and temples, which have been found in the entire United States. If in future, you visit Southern California, don't miss to see Tibetan Buddhist temple that gets upright in every 2 months.

Monastic Trail :

The good part of monastic trail is not just one gets the chance to experience the intricate and beautiful Tibetan Architecture, but here you will also get one more opportunity to experience the capturing beauty & Sikkimese countryside's deserted landscape, this is a place where majority of Sikkim's monasteries are situated. You will completely be amazed by interacting with nice Lamas & you will definitely appreciate the hardened cheese that is made by the milk of Yak 'Churpi. If you wish to experience the trekking, then Sikkim state is standing with open arms to give you unforgettable joy of trekking. The huge stretched snowy mountains are waiting for you, numbers of trekkers visit Sikkim state just to have fun of trekking. Experience of trekking over Sikkim Himalayas is stuffed with red ripe cherry forest, rhododendrons, Chestnut, Oak and it is wrapped by delightful Gentians and Primulas.

Tour :

Your ascetic tour starts from Gangtok's Tibetology research Institute that is almost three kilometers away from center point of Gangtok. This institute is very unique, and this type of research center is only in the entire world, it is dedicated to progression of Tibetan culture & language. This research center's interior is very beautiful; it is made in Tibetan style & decorated by elaborate Murals and woodcarvings. Communion temple is adorned by craving Lord Buddha's picture and rest of the Tantric deities. This research institute's museum section also includes storehouse of Chortens, information, rosaries, brass bell, icons that two hundred years old, scarce Tankhas and invaluable artifacts which have been stored very carefully. Your visit to RIT is going to be surely worthy, because here you will get the chance to see fascinating & rich kingdoms of Tibetan culture & art.

Souvenirs :

The best place for the souvenir is Government Institute of Cottage industries that is placed in Gangtok market. At this place you can get a feel of intricate Sikkimese artifacts, it contains a number of creative and colorful artifacts such as wall canvas hangings, dragon sets created of gold & silver, tiny wooden Choksees, smooth woolen carpets in Tibetan style. All these artifacts are available here, in very reasonable prices.

Gangtok :

In the whole year, Gangtok city is often overflowing along with tourist's flock & activity. Here you can find many trekkers, who have been lost in the trail's memories, dancing people on UN stoppable hard rock beats. Gangtok city looks like it has been hidden inside Sikkim state's envelope, during the festival period, Gangtok looks like a lighting lamp. The stars, lights in the sky and pleasant prayer's sound are narrated through Lamas along with the trumpets. Getting into this state's trail is a very easy thing, you will feel very pleasant because single Sikkim state contains sixty seven monasteries, and every monastery of Sikkim state comprises some amount of history & profusion of folklore & legends. Some how, it is a nice idea to explore the monasteries that are near to Gangtok, this capital city is also the most happening part of this state.

Rumtek Monastery :

As far as best stake of Gangtok city is magical Rumtek Monastery that is twenty two kilometers away. If you drive from Gangtok towards the Rumtek you will experience a beautiful journey because after every ½ kilometers, you will get a criss cross route that brings attractive Sikkim state's fabulous mountain's attractive view. The most beautiful and hugest monastery of Sikkim state is Rumtek and it is also Karmapa Lama's seat. Sikkim state's rest of the pleasant and religious Tibetan monasteries are situated close to Gangtok those are Labrang and Phodong monasteries, from Gangtok it is almost forty kilometers away from the Northern Sikkim highway. Phodong monastery is Kargupa Sect's seat, where as Nyingma-pa sect's seat is Labrang monastery. The good time to explore these 2 monasteries is during th yearly Puja, it is practiced on 29th, 28th day of 10th month as per the Tibetan calendar. During that time, the colorful festivals are celebrated along with the amazing performance of Sikkim state's Chaam dance.

Trekking :

The Labrang and Phodong monasteries contain very beautiful and thrilling trekking trails. If you want to see nature's real look, then trekking at this place would be great for you. The regional people who are located here are very friendly. These people like to have a talk with outside visitors. If you visit this region, during winter season, you won't come back from Sikkim state because of its pleasant and pleasurable atmosphere.

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