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Sikkim Places to see SIKKIM WILDLIFE

Fast Facts :

Location : Sikkim, India

Known For : Exquisite range of rare flora and Fauna

Major sanctuaries : Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary and Khangchendzonga National Park

Sikkim's realm (Animalia) has a huge collection of birds and animals. The thick jungles of this state provide a contented locale to the creatures. Sikkim allows animals like red panda, musk deer, flying squirrel, wild ass, snow leopard, Himalayan Black bear, leopard etc to wander in its area. In the highland zones, the animal like (yaks) are quite well known and inhabitants also keep them at their place to get wool, other functional items meat and milk from Yak. The (musk deer) is a component of rare species and is seen in the (higher temperate zone)

(Barking deer) is a familiar animal in the state of (Sikkim). On the top of the trees at an elevation amid (6000-12000ft), you can spot a cute Red Panda sitting. This scene is really mesmerizing as this must be a scene from any storybook but here it happens for real. Even though, the Red Panda barely comes crossways the view, till today, only 2 animal scientists have confined its snaps. Amongst others, mush deers, Blue sheep, marmots, flying squirrels, tahrs and binturong are some of the population of Sikkim.

The fauna of this state constitutes (30%) of the entire population of birds, detected in the entire sub continent of Indian. The state of Sikkim covers more than (650 types of beautiful and colorful butterflies) that are noticeable at diverse elevations. The state of Sikkim also boosts of having more than (600 kinds of birds counting Robins and Babblers, World Flycatchers, Impeyan Pheasant, Old Woodcock, Pigeons, Lammergeyer, Snow Partridge, Golden Eagles, Plovers, Snow Cock, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Sandpipers, , Griffon Vulture and Quail.
The widespread fauna and flora of this state made administration to change the thickly (animal-populated) areas into (wildlife sanctuaries). The major reason for this switch was to guard the flora and fauna from the (poachers). Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary, Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary, and Khangchendzonga National Park, are the locations, where both plants and animals inhabit in absolute accord with one another.

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