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Tripura Places to see KAILASHAHAR

Location : North eastern India, Tripura.

Best time to visit : After the monsoon months.

Local Transport : Rickshaws, cars and buses.

Places to see : Tripura Sundari temple.

Souvenirs : Local Tribal wares.

Kailashahar :
The Tale of the city.

History reveals that Kailashahar and Unakoti date back to the 7th century AD as there are rock cut images which are proof for this. King Jujhar Fa had a 15th generation descendant who began the Tripurabda or the Tripuri calendar. He prayed to Lord Shiva in a place Chhambulnagar. This lay on the banks of the Mau River. It is believed that this Chhambulnagar lay near present day Unakoti Hill and that this descendant prayed in Unakoti. So it is also held that Kailashahar was earlier known as Chhambulnagar. It comes from the link that Shiv or Har lives in Kailash and since they believed Shiva lived here this place came to be known as Kailash Har which got changed to Kailashahar. In the 7th century history says that a king Adi Dharmapha ruled here and performed a big yagna with a lot of pomp and grandeur. Kailashahar is believed to be the capital of the Tripuri kingdom.

Kailashahar - Down the Ages :

Today Kailashahar or Chhambulnagar is the headquarters of the district of North Tripura and is also a nagar panchayat. Located on the border of India and Bangladesh, it is connected to Indian cities mainly by road. It had an airport but today it is closed and the nearest railhead is Kumarghat. Not many people live here and those who are almost in poverty but we can find some rich people too in this place. People of varied culture, religion and ethics are found here. Kailashahar, the cultural town of Tripura has a population of around 20,000 and more and has a literacy rate of 82% which is more than the national average. Bengalis are found in majority here and there are many tribals and other indigenous population which harp the growth of economy here.

Kailashahar - A Rendezvous :

If one comes to this city, one would find that the Hindu religion is dominant here and the temples in this area are testimony to this. Islam is also a religion which is followed by people here and there is a mosque in the main bazaar. Many people also follow Buddhism here. Besides this, Christianity is slowly growing here. This town has many settlements here and is a famous tourist spot. Kailashahar, the earlier capital of Tripuri kingdom, is a place which has picturesque backgrounds and a lovely scenic beauty. This erstwhile capital is bereft of its past glory but tourism would surely bring it back to its original form.

Kailashahar - Travel kitty :

A perfect travel kitty for a person coming to a place like Kailashahar would be to feel the history of the past resound in the tour. The stone structures and the temples around make a perfect travel kitty. Besides Tripura is anyway famous for its tribal wares. These tribes off handedly dole out a lot of stuff which make a good collection for the traveler. With the majestic mountains behind and the serene surroundings one cant but help take back refreshing memories and wishing that the city could be more prosperous.

Kailashahar - Joie de vivre in the city :

If one has to really have a good joie de vivre then one has to go by the simple surroundings that this place exudes. With the best to offer the tourist, the place only has to be developed a little bit and it would shine in its splendor. With lot of places nearby which are worth a visit, Kailashahar, the abode of Shiva is a place to visit with lot of time. One can see the following here:

Unakoti :

With the best kind of rock cut carvings and images of stone, these pilgrim spot dates back to the 7th and the 9thcenturies. The lovely carvings on the rock and the murals with their memorable primitive nature render the tourist with a lot to take back. The waterfalls here are an incessant blessing of Mother Nature and this place has a story to tell. It is believed that once Lord Shiva was going to Kashi with around a crore gods and goddesses. They halted at today’s Unakoti for then night. Lord Shiva woke them up before dawn but they failed to wake up. He got angry, and cursed them to stones. Hence there is a crore of stone carvings here. The rock carvings here are either carvings or stone images.

Lakhi Narayan Bari :

This is a temple which is more than 45 years old. It is a temple which is an icon of the Indian God Lord Krishna. It was installed by a devotee Krishnananda Sevayet. It is today a monument of antique in Indian tourism.

Chodoo Devotar Mondir :

Located around 14kms from the city of Agartala, this temple is famous as it has been named after 14 Goddesses. Kharchi festival is a festival that is celebrated here where thousands of devotees attend and pay homage to the Deity. Ama is the mother of the Tripuri or the people of Tripura named with many names and forms. She is called the Hachwkma or Parvati, Sangrongma or Mother Earth, Khuluma meaning Goddess of Knowledge. Mailuma or Goddess of Wealth Skal or Goddess of evil. Regarded as the Goddess of birth and embodiment of origin of mankind it is believed that the Maharaja Manikya got a dream that an idol of Tripura Sundari should be installed by shifting the idol from where he found it before dawn. As it was shifted, dawn broke and wherever it was the temple was built at today’s Matabari. The temple is on a small convex hill which is shaped like a tortoise. Lake Kalyansagar lies on the eastern side. Entrances to the temple are from the west and the north. The roof has four slanting Chhaar Chaalas which hold a circular structure in the middle which has the shape of a lotus in Looking like a modified Buddhist stupa it is on a raised terrace, with innumerable ancient paintings inside. Stone inscriptions, and shlokas inscribed are a common feature in the temple. The main idol is made of touch stone and is more than a meter high and is installed on an altar made of stone. The Goddess has two forelimbs in a gesture of a Devi with a crown on her matted hair, and a wreath of severed heads. With an oval face and she stands on Lord Shiva in Shavasana. The idol was made during the 10th or 12th century. Another idol inside the temple is known as Chotto Ma or Chandi. There is a Lord Vishnu image here which is worshipped like a black geode. Vishnu and Devi Shakti worshipped is found only here thus conjoining the Vaishnav and the Shakta culture. Considered as one of the pithas, in earlier days, it was accessible by foot, boat, palanquin or an elephant.

Tea Estates :

The history of tea plantations in this place goes back to the year 1916. Tripura is known as the place where traditionally tea is grown. It is the fifth largest tea producing Indian state. The tea has got good blending qualities and is also producing organic tea. The plantations here are around a century old and provide the best kind of picturesque surroundings.

Nearby Spots :

Agartala :


This city tucked amidst the surroundings of hills and states of northeastern India, is today the capital of Tripura. It is a beautiful hamlet and is the administrative centre of Tripura. It is said that the city got recognition when Maharaja Krishna Manikya made this his capital in the 1900s. Today, this place has a lot of sightseeing spots to offer to the tourist, some of them being, Unakoti,Ummaneshwar Temple, Jagannath Temple, Buddha Temple, Kunjaban Palace, Ravindra Kanan, VEnuban Vihar etc.

Udaipur :


This is a small town in the state of Tripura and is famous as the locale of the Sundari temple. It is the headquarters of South Tripura. It is also called the Lake city as it has lot of artificial lakes like the Mahadev Dighi, Amar Sagar etc. It is the second largest Tripura town and lies on the River Gumati.

Khumulwng :


The headquarters of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council, Khumulwng today is a place with churches, parks and beautiful gardens. It is a good tourist spot.


As one leaves this place he thinks “Glory to land of Shiva and Tripura Sundari,”

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