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Tripura Places to see KER PUJA IN TRIPURA

Fast Facts :

Celebrated In : Tripura

Month : July month at end of Kharchi Puja

Held In : Agartala

Tripura belongs to volatile North- East state of India. It is the second smallest state in India, and thus offers an excellent view of old and new fusion of styles of hills and plains. The festive season of Tripura is marked with traditional and ebullience ardor. The celebration of the state in Tripura makes fresh jollification. Besides this, the people of Tripura takes part in almost all other festivals celebrated in neighboring state as well. The festivals are embodying with composite and robust cultural heritage and thus enrich the importance with enthusiasm.

Ker Puja is another important festival celebrated widely in the parts of Tripura. Ker means “Austerity”. This puja is celebrated at the end of Kharchi Puja till 14 days. It is observed that Ker Puja is the strictest puja done by the people, as various aspects and beliefs are been attached. Whatever community or culture you belong, the puja has to be fully imposed by the people by following every aspect. The deities of Tripura are worshiped in this puja. It is said that after Amba buchi or Ama Pechi, the Mother Earth turns unholy and thus performing Kharchi Puja, earth becomes purified. It is some king of old ‘Shraddha” is to be worshipped to purify all God and Goddesses of the nature.

In the Ker Puja, the particular area is delimited with a specific symbol on the boundary. Every entrance or exit of the portion is entirely blocked by creating a symbol of Ker Puja. They shift expectant mothers and dying people to neighbor villages, before starting the puja. The people in the surrounded place should not go beyond the marked place and one shall not be allowed anywhere till puja gets finished. Even though people enter by mistakenly in the area, he is not allowed to move back from the place.

The Ker Puja starts around 8 am to 10 am. No one is allowed to speak or laugh once the puja starts. Even slang or obscene languages, shouting, making disparaging fun, crying, dishonest talks or other amoral activities are strictly forbade while worshipping the Ker Puja.

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