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Tripura belong to the most popular state of India. Tripura is very famous for the tourist attraction. Tripura is a dwelling place for the beautiful palaces, huge forts, gardens and the parks.

The Maharajas who were ruling in the former period have successfully constructed amazing palaces all across the state. These palaces are the evidence of the rich and royal life they had during ancient period.

Neer Mahal :

This wonderful palace was built up as a summer resort in the period of 1930 by Maharaha Birbikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur in the centre of the natural lake known as Rudra Sagar which covers an area of 5.35 kilometers. The process of building this palace was under the Martin & Burn Co. and Rudra sagar is the only lake which is present on the eastern India.

The architecture of the palace is considered to be a beautiful blend of Mughal and Hindu architecture that includes the huge domes of the palace. The palace is separated in two main divisions – one which is present in the western region known as Andar Mahal specially designed for the royal family members and the eastern region is made up for the servants and the security personnel. The Andar palace consists of 15 rooms. There are many wonderful gardens lying on the western side of the palace. Also, there is a huge stage which is specially meant for performing art, theatre or drama.

Maharaja used to travel by the motor boat from Rajghat to the palace. There is a motor ghat around the palace which facilitates the journey of motor boat to reach the palace. The motor boat ghats have two different steps where one meant for the Maharaja and the another for the Maharani.

The palaces are also decorated for the flood lightning specially in the evening. Apart from this there is a facility for the water sports. The palaces will be renovated and the museum showing the royal life style will be present inside the palace. Along with this, the sound and the light present here focuses on the cultural heritage and the historical past. There are several migratory birds that found in the lake flourishing it with nature’s beauty.

Located at : 53 kilometers away from the Agartala.

Kunjaban Palace :

Kunjaban Palace is one of the most celebrated palaces of India that marks the landscape from the north eastern state of Tripura. This is located on the verdant hill and is well known as Kunjaban. This is one of the most important places constructed by Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya. The palace is well known for the stunning landscape and owes its name to the bower present there that gives an edifice for the luxuriant growth of the foliage.

In the ancient period, the palace was known as Pushbanta Palace and is well known for the haunt for the Maharajas. The Maharaja had a deep interest in every small thing. He was a keen observer and the patron for fine arts. He was himself a very talented artist. He had planned the blue print of the palace by himself and designed each and every corner of the palace along with its sprawling lawns. It is best to know that the there are many of the beautiful luminaries depicting the culture and the amazing art from the entire world that has been situated here in this palace. This is not enough; this palace also has the legendary Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore has stayed in the eastern part of the palace when he visited this place in the year 1926. The Kunjaban palace is very proud of the glory of the fact that the masterpiece from the poet had been composed here in this palace.

Kunjaban palace is now an official dwelling place for the Governer of Tripura. Also, the southern part of the palace is made available for the visitors which are well known as the Rabindra Kanan to remember the Great writer Rabindranath Tagore, who serves as an inspiration for many of the writers.

Ujjayanta Palace :

Ujjayanta Palace is considered amongst the very royal palace which is situated in the capital of Agartala. This fort was built by the Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in the period of 1899 to 1901. The cost that is engaged in building up the fort was about Rs. 10 lakhs. The fort comprises of two main divisions which are magnificently built by him within an area of 1 kilometer. The palace has the most beautiful dome shaped structure and the beautiful architecture. There are in all three domes out of which the central dome is about 86 kilometers high. There are certain beautiful features of the palace and the amazing tile floor and intricately carved wooden floor and the tiles of the palace.

The place is decorated in Mughal style and it has the garden adorned in the form of the same style. Lightning and the flood has been an additional measure to enhance the beauty of the palace. It is situated at the core of the city known as Agartala which covers the compound that covers the land of around half a square mile and then the beautiful palace known as Ujjayanta Palace which is well known for the royal palace of Tripura.

This royal palace of Tripura is very well constructed and well balanced was built in the year 1899. During this period, the financial condition was not proper as the old palace that was constructed was going through from the severe conditions due to the earthquake that occurred in the year 1898. After suffering from the unexpected earthquake it became very difficult for the people to stay there. Even though there were so many obstacles, the fort was built by the Maharaja with the cost of around 10 lakhs rupees.

The palace is well constructed with the mix type of structural design along with the construction of the three domes. The most important amongst the three is the central dome that has the height of about 86 feet. The palace is with the fountains and the water cores are present in the form of the Mughal garden. The chief block includes around 800 blocks that has many of the public halls namely Throne Room, Library, Recreational Hall and many more in the beautiful palace.

It was after the period after the merger of the state of Tripura with the Union territory of India in the year 1949 which is a beautiful and huge palace with the amazing way of life. The ex ruler of this property were thinking as if that this entire property belongs to them. But this scenario continued until the time the palace was not taken by the State Government and then it was changed in to the State Legislative Assembly. This amazing palace is now a very beautiful example of the amazing architecture built in ancient period.

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