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Tripura Places to see KUNJABAN PALACE

Green hillock present in this region is known as Kunjaban Palace which means bower for its magnificent beauty that is located in the northern part of Ujjayanta palace which is located at a distance of around 1 kilometer. Maharaja Birendra Kishor Manikya had chosen this palace to wonderful treat the citizens of Tripura and built a palace during the period of 1917 which is well known as “Pushbanta Palace”. It is believed that the Maharaja was the one who had designed the plan for the beautiful palace and also for their adjoining garden. This place is not very far away but still this place is very popular for the pleasure and the relaxation purpose as it has the lush green grass, orchards, green gardens and tiny zoo in the surrounding region.

Poet Rabindranath Tagore had resided in the building that lies in the eastern region of the palace in the period of the last and the seventh visit to the palace in the year 1926. Kunjaban Palace was silent evidence for many of the great poet’s that are created in this region which also includes many of the popular songs. The palace has the most beautiful lawns and the gardens that lie inside the palace which is the official residence for Tripura’s Governor. The southern region of the garden is now available for the public’s visit which is now well known as ‘Rabindra Kanan’.

There is a varandh associated with the eastern region of the palace which is well known as Gol Varandah that is considered to be amongst the favorite place of the Baramura Hills of eastern horizon. This is that precious Varandah which is the witness for the cherished moments of the writers who had composed their songs that has formed a Vaikali series or that has stayed obsorted in calmness. This palace is now handed to the Government of Tripura and now is well known as the official dwelling place for the Governors known as Raj Bhavan.

Situated at : Agartala

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