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Tripura Places to see NEERMAHAL PALACE

Situation : Tripura

Major Tourist Attractions : Race Festival

Best period to Visit : From the month of October to May

Waterbeds for the Kings :

This place is situated in the state of Tripura with the amazing beauty which lies ever in the memory if once visited.

It was constructed by the King Ludwig II with excellent architecture and amazing beauty in the center of the lake known as Chemisee in the Bavarian country. He was incharge of managing many of the rooms of the edifice. The rooms here are lavished built and decorated with the zestful verve. Udaipur is very close to the palace and this can be located in the centre of the lake.

Tripura is a very tiny state situated in the eastern part of India with the tradition of many of the rulers ruling the state since ancient period. These kings belonging to Tripura are believed to find their evidences in the great epic Mahabharata. It was in the history has the records to be known as the Rajmalas which means this is the place with looks like the “Garlands of the Kings”.

Past Behind The Palace :

Get to know the inside story of the palace that lies in the center of the beautiful lake. To start with, there was a king who was popular as King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya. It had the same wish as the wish of the King Ludwig. Both of the kings are compared to each other as both of them had enough places to stay without even enquiring the palace which is situated in the lake’s center. Both of them have constructed this palace just for name sake. On the same time, Ludwig has another plan to make money by constructing the palace inside the lake and encouraging all the tourists to the castle. However, the king of Tripura was not of this intention. He was just making a fuss of them.

The palace situated in Tripura is well known as Neer Mahal where the Neer stands for water. It is located at a distance of 53 kilometers on the way via road from the city of Agartala to a village known as Melaghar, you can reach the lake known as Rudrasagar. There is a beautiful landscape that surrounds this lake along with some of the imposing structures. The palace has the green fields, fresh air, tiny chirping birds and the crystal clear blue sky that attracts the person who visits there. And passing through all the beautiful structure, comes a huge mansion in front of the visitors which gives an amazing view.

Legend :

Rudra is another name given to Lord Shiva and hence, the lake is named after Lord Shiva. Worshipping shiva is the norm for the people residing in Tripura. Maharaja Bir Bikram is amongst the King who had enjoyed all the happiness in very small things of life. He likes to go for the fine details in whatever thing he does. One fine day, he was about to cross the Rudreshwar lake and he came up with an idea. After listening to the idea, many of the people laughed at him and many were of the thought that he was day dreaming. However, Bir Bikram was firm on his thought and knew how exactly to make his dream come true.

The Construction Period :

It was in the year 1930. During this period, British used to live in Tripura. In this particular moment, the British were not ruling the state but they were present here as friends who had a keen interest in developing the state.

Scene inside the Palace :

It was not easy to build a castle that stands on the water for many years. It actually took the period of about 9 years to complete it. The palace is around 400 meters long and it comprises of 24 rooms. The palace is separated into 2 main divisions, the one is Andarmahal that is situated on the western region of the palace and the other is on the eastern part of the palace. This portion is meant to be for the house for the staff members of the palace. The actual palace is divided into two main sections one is meant for the queen and the other is meant for the king. The queen sections consist of the huge room specially meant for dancing and along with this dancing room there are 5 different rooms that are leisure room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a room for treasury and a room specially for playing chess. Apart from this, the relatives and friends of the queen had a set of 6 special rooms for themselves while they have arranged a special room for the large meeting halls where he can speak with his masses in the meeting were constructed for the king and his men.

The edifice had such a construction that the each room is independent of each other. However, today it is linked with one another. In ancient period, they were connected with the help of the glass panes and they are certain boats that will help to go to the boat. The palace has also few small areas which were believed to be the open stage for the performances and the other side of the palace specially designed to park the boats.

Best Period To Visit :

The government of Tripura arranges the boat festivals every year in the lake and the visitors are coming from all over India. The Sagar Mahal also has the lodge caters for the visitors. The lodge is present in the eastern part of the palace. But if you are ready to get an unforgettable trip then it is advisable to go in the month of October to the month of May apart from the period of monsoon that starts from the month of July and continues to the month of September.

You can also enjoy the life of the fisherman and enjoy there. They sing the songs every morning and also in the evening which gives a pleasant feeling after listening to the songs. You can get a variety of the fish and live the King’s life just for a few days. It is just amazing going to the palace and staying there.

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