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Tripura Places to see UJJAYANTA PALACE

Ujjayanta Palace is considered amongst the royal houses of the Agartala that covers the area of around 1 square kilometer. This palace was constructed by the Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in the period of 1899 to 1901. The mansion comprises of the two storied mansion and built up with the mix architecture with 3 major domes. Amongst all the three, the central dome is about 86 feet high. The palace has an amazing tile floor, curved timber ceiling and wonderfully crafted doors are worth noticing. The palace is built by the great Mughal style gardens, decorated with the gardens and the pools and intricate designs on the tiled floors. The fountains and the flood lightning are associated to it which don’t leave any chance to enhance its beauty.

Situated on the core of the town from Agartala, it covers the land of around 1 kilometer is the position of the Ujjayanta palace which is known as the modern building of the imperial abode of Tripura. The edifice of this well balanced and amazing palace started in the period of 1898 and was unfit for the habitat present here. The completion of the palace took place in the year 1901 and the money involved in the construction is around Rs. 10 lakhs.

The palace is constructed with the 2 storey and constructed in the missed form of Architecture with the 3 domes. Amongst all the three domes, the central one is the tallest and covers the height of 86 feet high. The garden is well developed with two huge tanks on two different sides that has the leading road passing in between them. The fountains and the water cores are designed in the pattern that belongs to the Mughal garden. The chief block here contains 800 across that include public halls like Durbar Hall, Throne Room, Study, Library, Recreational Hall and many more.

After the amalgamation of Tripura with the Union of India in the year of 1949, this royal palace that has many of the brisk activities and full of life positioned for the lorn. This palace was regarded as the personal property that belongs to the ex ruler till the assets was not taken over by the State Government and changed it into the State Legislative Assembly. This beautiful erection stands as beautiful peace of the modern architecture that once was celebrating the grandeur it has of its own.

Located at : Agartala

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