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Tripura Places to see CULTURE

The culture of Tripura owes its high spirits to the tribal population, that comprises tribes like Chakmas, Maslums, etc. The combination of all these tribes, with their ethnicity and individuality, form the cultural heritage of Tripura.

The people of Tripura are characterized with high energy and spirit. The enthusiastic people of the state celebrate numerous festivals and one of the most important among the festivals is Kharchi Puja. This puja is held in the month of July and involves the worshipping of 14 deities. Another festival named Ganga Puja is held by the tribal communities of Tripura. This festival is celebrated to mark the harvesting of crops and is generally performed in between the months of March and April, which is the harvesting season in tipura. Besides there are other festivals also named Ker, Garia feted by mostly tribal groups and cock sacrifices are a mandatory in these festivals.

The music and dance of Tripura ennoble the culture of Tripura to a great extent. There are different dances practiced in Tripura and each of the dances is performed to celebrate a specific aspect of the society. Garia dances are performed to celebrate the  prosperity of the Tripuri people; 'Bizu' dance by the tribal community Chakmas indicate the conclusion of Bengali year; 'Hai Hak' dance mostly found in the tribal group of  Halams and the Cheraw dance are linked with the imprisonment of Lusai woman.

The people of Tripura employ musical instruments of melodic nature. Some of the common and popular musical instruments are the Kham, which is made of wood and has animal skin attached; Sumui or Tripuri flute is made out of bamboo; Chongpreng, Sarinda, Dangdu and cymbals are trendy among the native Tripuris.

The culinary delights of Tripura are unique and exclusive as well. Mui Borok is the name of the customary cuisine of Tripura. Rice is the staple food in the state and a number of food items are prepared out of rice. Although the high spirituality of Tripuri people is manifested by the plethora of religious places in the state, yet Tripuris are basically non-vegetarian. The special delicacies in non-vegetarian items are chicken, pork, fish and prawns.

The rich art and craft of Tripura can be seen in Handicrafts Designing Centre located in Udaipur. The simplicity of the art of Tripura is the reason of its elegance and creativity. Items like decorated wall panels, dining table mats made of bamboo, floor mats of bamboo are the most demanded items for souvenirs that fetch a high demand in Indian market.

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