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Tripura Places to see TRIPURESWARI TEMPLE

Fast Facts :

Location : North eastern state of India, Tripura, India

Known For : 1 of the fifty one pithas according to the Hindu Mythology

Renowned : Goddess Sati’s Right leg

This place of worship is one of the (fifty one pithasthans) in the country according to the Hindu mythology. According to the beliefs, God Vishnu had slashed off the dead body of Goddess Sati into fifty one parts by his (Sudarshana Chakra) and the complete pieces had fallen down at diverse places all across the nation and these areas are called as (pithasthans). According to the Hindu Mythology, the 'right leg' of Goddess Sati had fallen at (Matabari).One of the fifty one pithas of (Hindu worship places) was constructed by Raja Dhanya Manikya in the year (1501 A.D). It comprises of a square type chamber of the archetypal Bengali shed form. The lagoon in front of the place of worship is further to its splendor. It is positioned fifty five km away from the city of Agartala.

This pitha is also called as (Kurma Pith) because the figure of the place of worship location looks like the "Kurma" that is tortoise in the local language. Within the place of worship, the statue of Goddess Kali is set aside that is readied of 'red- black Kastic stone.' Goddess Kali is revered in her ('Soroshi' appearance) in this place of worship. There is also a statue of minor extent of Goddess Kali known as( 'Chotto Maa ')and the same icon was to be conceded by Rajas of this state at the time of ("Mrigaya") i.e. Hunting and at the time of battle.

In the east side of this place of worship there is also a popular (Kalyan Sagar) which is sort of a small stream where Tortoises and fishes of giant dimension are initiated and disciples nourish them with biscuits and "muri"(which is a local snack fishing is strictly prohibited over here.

The most elite thing found here are the TORTOISE which are seen in the pond in massive numbers particularly revered by the localites .You can nourish them with foodstuff and if at all you are fortunate then you would also revere them as soon as they are on the river side.
Annually on the eve of the festival of lights that is Diwali a very popular Mela also known as Fair takes place here close to the place of worship that is cited by many tourists and worshippers who come here from all across the country.

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