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Fast Facts :

Situated : Thirty Five kms away from the main city of (Agartala), Tripura, India

Established in the year of : 1987

Land Covered : (18.53sqkm)

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary,is situated approximately thirty five kms away from the centre city of Agartala. The safe haven is close to National Highway that links it to different major places. The safe haven was introduced in 1987 as to protect the flora and fauna of Tripura. This sanctuary sways over a total area of (18.53sqkm) with different kinds of flora and fauna. The safe haven is an apt place for nature lovers. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary provides different tourism sites like zoo, lake, botanical garden etc.

Set of Floras :

The sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is affluent in natural vegetation which comprises of state flower also known as Nageshwar, State Tree also known as Agar. This sanctuary counts upon more than Four Hundred and Fifty Six Types of plants which includes monocotyledons and dicotyledons. The main trees that are found here constitutes of Kurcha, Awla, Hargaja, Chamal, Bamboo, Garjan, Kanak, Sal, Bahera, Pichla, Amlaki etc.

Set of Fauna :

You can spot rare view of crab overpowering Mongoose and eating up that was previously seen seventy two years ago. Some of the rare and endangered species that resides here includes pigtailed macaque, spectacled langur, capped langur and rhesus macaque. Other animals comprise of clouded leopards, civets, leopards, barking deers, wild pigs, jungle fowls, etc.

Set of Avifauna :

You will find approximately over One Hundred and Fifty varied kinds of avifauna which comprises of migratory birds and residential birds. Species includes: White Ibis, Whistling Teal, Cuckoos, and Open Billed Storks etc.

Areas to be visited at the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary :

Sepahijala zoological park :

The Sepahijala Zoological Park was conceptualized in 1972 to conserve the area from infringement. The Sepahijala zoological square is separated in to five sections that is Ungulate section, Reptile Section, Primate Section, Aviary Section and Carnivores section.

Botanical Garden of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary :

In this Botanical garden you will get knowledge about diverse species of trees and plants. Botanical garden of this sanctuary constitutes around sixty diverse kinds of useful medicinal plants.

Lagoon :

There are diverse lakes which are seen inside the sanctuary. Lagoons like Abasarika and Amrit Sagar offers the visitors with the enchanting and thrilling boating services.

Toy train :

You can take a trip on the petite train which takes you deep inside the jungle. The experience is truly remarkable as you spot animals near you.

Accommodation :

You can find a range of hotels from the low-priced to the plush ones in the city of Agartala.

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