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West Bengal  Places to see WEST BENGAL CITIES

Eastern India is replete with beautiful little small cities and lovely grand big cities. With the rate of density of population at its highest, West Bengal, is known for a variety of culture and tradition and has Kolkata as its capital. With major cities as destinations for tourism, flourishing hill stations, vast expanse of tea plantations and grand Buddhist monasteries and a centre of flower market, West Bengal has occupied a landmark place in the Indian history. With great handicraft varieties and many industrial locales, West Bengal occupies a valuable place in Indian tradition and culture. Whether it is the northeastern cities of Darjeeling, Kalimpong , Siliguri which offer the best tourist spots, or it is the capital city of Kolkata with its infectious charm and elegance, whether it is the industrial belts of Bardhaman, Asansol and Bankura, or Bolpur with its world famous Santiniketan, West Bengal has always offered the best to the Indian subcontinent. With Asansol as the third largest and Durgapur as the fourth largest city, the cities of Krishnanagar, Chandannagar and Seyrampore are found in the eastern West Bengal belt.

The spectacular Howrah Bridge, the majestic Victoria Memorial, whether it is the elegant River Hooghly which flows through the state or the entire state as such, one could only get hypnotized by the sheer charm that this state exudes and the absolute magnificence that is conspicuous here.

Home to the first army barrack of the East India Company at Barrackpore and the initial centre of the great Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, West Bengal, the historical stalwart has produced stalwarts in the field of music, art, literature, culture, education and tradition.

Today West Bengal, the land of Rabindranath Tagore occupies a great role in the working of the country as it is the seat to a lot of change, progress and literati. The name Bengal comes from the word “Vanga” which in Sanskrit means the area going southwards from the sea. Used as Bangala by the Muslim rulers initially and included the parts of Bihar and Orissa earlier. The history of Bengal goes back to the era of the Indian epic Mahabharata. It was a place having trade with Java, Sumatra and Sri Lanka.

The language spoken in West Bengal, the Ma Durga Land is predominantly Bengali but there are tribals like the Oraon and Santhals, besides the Lepchas and Bhotias who speak their own language. Bengal today is famous for its pottery of terracotta material, leather, the conch shells articles, the cultural hues of the Nazrul geeti and the Robindro Songeet. The tradition of the Bauls is very unique here and the Baul songs are very famous here. Bengal is a Sweet oriented State and its sweetmeats like rosogolla and sondesh are world famous. Fish and rice are the main staple diet of the Bengalis.

Thus Bengal with its clay craft from Krishnagar, and Kantha stitch woven on saris, is popular for its Durga Puja for which the idols are made at Kumartoli.

Rightly the state occupies the role of a princess in waiting. Come let us explore West Bengal - The Land of Rabindrasangeet and Durga Puja.

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