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West Bengal  Places to see BADHAGACHCHI

Badhagachchi - A tete a tete with the city :

Location : Eastern India, Hooghly District, West Bengal

Best time to visit : November to March

Local Transport : Cycle rickshaws, buses, private cars

Places to see : Places in and around Hooghly district

Souvenirs : Local Handicrafts

Badhagachchi - The Tale of the city :

The tale of the Hooghly District is closely related to the history of the Hooghly District. The Hooghly district has the divisions of Arambag, Serampore, Chandannagar and Chinsura Sadar. Chinsura is the headquarters. Badhagachchi is a town in Hooghly District. The Hooghly town gave the name to the district. It is around 40km from the city of Kolkata to its north. In 15AD this was a port. Portuguese merchants got permission from the Sultan Mahmud Shah, to trade here as the Hooghly River was the main transport channel. Vasco - Da - Gama the great sailor from Portugal came here thus making Hooghly District the main area of settlement for the Europeans.

Badhagachchi - Down the Ages :

Today Badhagachchi is a small town in West Bengal in the Hooghly District. Along with the district, Badhagachchi, the Hooghly protégé shares the same achievements as the district. The Hooghly district is famous for cultivating jute and for the industries manufacturing jute. With most of the factories for car found here in the district, Badhagachchi is one such flourishing town in the district.

Badhagachchi - A Rendezvous :

A rendezvous with Badhagachchi reveals that the town has a small population of just more than 5000. In spite of being an inconspicuous town, Badhagachchi, the small wonder has a literacy rate of 70%.

Badhagachchi - Travel kitty :

Badhagachchi, the small town, doles out folklores of the place and the locals just could give a visiting tourist the raw picture of a small town in India. Local handicrafts of West Bengal are found all over and one could just be lucky to get something like that in Badhagachchi as travel kitty. Besides this, one has the ambience and the simplicity to soak in.

Badhagachchi - Joie de vivre in the city :

If you want to see simple living high thinking then this is the place. The simplicity of the locals and the ambience around makes you have a joie de vivre here. One would want to reach out and try to eradicate the poverty around and develop the improved elements to further progress.

The absolute truth that India is a land of villages seeps in when we come to places such as these. The literacy rate here in this small town is good enough, but the thought occurs that we could make an effort to make such places better.

As one leaves this place, he thinks, “Simple living high thinking.”

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