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West Bengal  Places to see BAGNAN

Bagnan - A tete a tete with the city :

Location : Eastern India, Howrah district, West Bengal

Best time to visit : Winter Months

Local Transport : Cycle rickshaws, buses, private cars and taxis

Places to see : Sunderban National Park and Bagnan Railway station

Souvenirs : Local handicrafts

Bagnan - The Tale of the city :

Bagnan is a town situated in the Howrah district of the State of West Bengal. With a rich heritage to boast of, the Howrah district was the erstwhile place of the kingdom of Bhurshut of the Bengalis. Howrah has two subdivisions the Howrah Sadar and Uluberia. Howrah Sadar has the Bally and Howrah municipalities and 5 development blocks. Uluberia has Uluberia, Amta, Udaynarayanpur and Bagnan I and Bagnan II. Bagnan I block has 10 gram panchayats and the towns of Khalor and Bagnan as the census towns. Bagnan II has 7 gram panchayats and Naupala as the single census town. The Bagnan Vidhan Sabha constituency is a constitution of the assembly in the district of Howrah. This is a part of the Uluberia constituency.

Bagnan - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Bagnan, the small Howrah Town is a town for census in the state of West Bengal. This is today amongst the busiest railway stations in the South Eastern Railway line. Bagnan with its busy schedules and simple surroundings is no big tourist spot but a person could sure visit it to understand the rural nitty gritty in India.

Bagnan - A Rendezvous :

A rendezvous with Bagnan, the busiest railway station, is at a height of 19 feet. The Rivers Damodar and Rupnarayan flow near this city. Bagnan has a population of around 8779 as per the census in 2001. With males dominating the female population and a literacy rate of around 68% Bagnan is slowly setting itself in the path of growth. Sports is very popular here and there are many associations promoting football and cricket. Kho Kho and cricket are also very popular here.

Bagnan - Travel kitty :

Anyone who comes to Bagnan will only be taken in by the absolute simplicity of the place. This inconspicuous spot in Murshidabad District of West Bengal is nothing to reckon as a tourist spot. Yet tourists crossing this place could halt and enjoy the beautiful feel of being in a village. This experience could be the travel kitty. As we go around the village we might chance across a local handicraft being made if we are lucky. This could be another travel kitty.

Bagnan - Joie de vivre in the city :

The joie de vivre in Bagnan, the small Howrah town is to understand the region well and get through to exploring deeper areas. It has a hot and humid climate in summers and a cold climate in winters. A person coming here could see the following:

National Park :

The Sunderbans National Park : Sunderbans lie in the southernmost tip of the State of West Bengal. This is where the land and sea meet. There is a dense growth of mangroves here and the area is famous for its varied bio diversity. This isa World Heritage Site and expands over 4264 square km. This is the largest National Park and the largest Tiger Reserve in India. Bird watchers and nature lovers love this place. One can spot the Masked Finfoot, Pitta, and the Mangrove Whistler here. This is a portion of the largest delta in the world - The Gangetic Delta comprising of River Ganges, River Brahmaputra and the River Meghna. There are innumerable creeks and streams crossing this place. This is a paradise on earth and a tourist completely gets hypnotized here. There are more than 250 tigers in the Sunderbans. The aqua and the saline environment here have become a regular feature of the life of the tigers here. One can see the rhesus monkey, the chital deer, the fishes, hermit crabs, red fiddler crabs etc. Crocodiles are seen on the banks and the main attraction is the Ridley Sea Turtle. Besides this, one can also see the cobra, python, rock python and water monitor here. The Batagur baska and the Terrapin all in the endangered species category are also found here besides the Barking Deer.

Here one can also find the river launch Sundari which has been maintained well for tourists to come and enjoy the launch with its well equipped facilities.

The Bagnan Railway Station :


This is the busiest railway station in the South Eastern Railway line. It is connected to most of the places around and there are many who travel daily from here.

Thus with all its history, and geography and unique features, Bagnan is a small package of pleasure for a novice tourist.

As a person leaves this place he thinks, “Busy and beautiful is Bagnan.”

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