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West Bengal  Places to see WEST BENGAL FORTS AND PALACES

Location : Eastern part of India.

Established : 1st Nov, 1956.

Capital :

Districts :

Languages Spoken : Bengali and English.

West Bengal is rich when we talk about the cultural traditions. The state is worth to describe the variety of diverse cultures and hence culmination of such varied cultures has ever grown by giving birth to an inimitable Bengali culture. The culture of the state lies in manifested literary heritage, cuisines, cinema of Satyajit Ray, Rabindrasangeet and various myriad facets. The heart of the state is Kolkata, which is founded long back around hi400 yrs. The Kolkata is commonly known as “City of Wonders” is mentioned many times in Ain-E-Akbari, that is truly an encyclopedic which is compiled by the Prime Minister Abul Fazl of Emperor Akbar. You will observe very few historical monuments in West Bengal, but they are truly worth to describe.

Though there is a huge contribution done by Britishers in structuring those monuments, but later our revolutionaries successfully spread hand by creating a remarkable history. Few of the monuments has helped in developmental purposes, few are associated with monumental stature and few with Indian Freedom Struggle. Some of the prominent monuments in West Bengal are Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Raj Bhawan, BBD Bagh, Buxa Fort, Kurumbers, Shaheed Minar and Fort William.

Howrah is a pictogram of West Bengal’s modernization. Victoral Memorial is exceptional and excellent crafted legacy during the British Era. It also featured with the royal statue of Queen Victoria which is made with Bronze. Raj Bhawan is another piece of art built in 1800, a exceptional example of Gothic Architecture. Saheed Minar is called as the “Monument of Martyrs”, as exceptional Egyptian Minaret styles which is almost 158 feets. This was built by the Britishers as commemorate to celebrate their winning battle against Nepalese Army in the year 1814. Let’s take a brief overview on the prominent Forts and Palaces that includes Buxa Fort, Kurumbera and Fort William.

Buxa Fort :

Buxa fort is located in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, which is popularly called as the bottleneck region of India. The fort is a major destination for the trekkers, situated near Alipurduar about 27 km and from Buxa Road it takes about 7 km. The monument is built at a height of about 2600ft. Over the past few years, the fort was an interconnected path for the Butan Kings and the Kings of Cooch. The Kings from Cooch intellectually captured the fort at the end of the 18th century from British Empire. The Buxa fort was several times reconstructed with stone structure and bamboo wood. It was also used by the Britishers as jail for the revolutionaries. The King of Bhutan further used this fort as the Silk route path, which was actually connected with Tibet from the world. Besides this, this place was the house for many refugees.

The major attraction of the Buxa fort is widely used for several trekking. The trekking route from Snatrabari to the end of Buxadar is enthralling that offers a remarkable experience. In order to view the exquisite natural beauty of the surroundings, this trek allows the individual while passing through the dense forests. Nearby the Buxa fort, is the Rover’s point. Here one can get close with the flora and fauna which are available with distinct species. Trekking in Buxa fort allows every individual to experience the amazing views of colorful orchids, animals, and breathtaking ravines.

Kurumbera Fort :

The fort is situated to the south east of Keshairi in Gangeshwar Village located near about 4 km. The Kurumbera fort is featured with small quarters and temples. This temples and quarters are now under the supervision of Archaeological Survey, India. As the village is not connected with the major cities, visiting this place is sort of a problem. But one you reach to the Gangeshwar temple, Kurumbera is not so far. On the monument, the Oriya script has been carved back in the Kapileswar’s period. Few of the scripts were carved during the period of Aurangzeb. The history claims that Kurumbera fort was constructed in one night, during the Vanwas of Ram and Sita. The three domes like structure of the fort have received altar shape like platform. The flower shape of the roof is exceptional; where as the circular shape of the dome is quite impressive.

Fort William :

The Fort William is situated on the Hooghly river of Kolkata, a major distributor of Ganga River. The fort received name from King William III. There is Urban Park on the front of Fort William, one of the largest park in Kolkata. This fort is popular and one of the most enduring monuments during the colonial era. Today you will come across two forts located on the same place one as the Old Fort and other as the New Fort. The Fort is properly well maintained by covering blanket of lush greenery. This place was specially built in order to accodomate more than 10,000 personnel army. Inside the fort is the history of that era been scripted. The time you enter and when you leave, one will experience an amazing time as if they have entered in to the all new world. The charisma of the fort is truly exceptional and from past six decades it is ruled by the colonial people.

In order to allow welfare and relaxation for the military people who are resident over there, the Fort William is included with all entertainment facilities provided by the Indian Army. At the Fort Premises, it has included Emerald Blue, Swimming pool, Cinema Hall, Shopping mall, Post Office, Playground, Restaurants and Laundry. There are many hidden secrets still to dig out from the Fort William. The shape of the fort is somewhat irregular Octagon offering area with 5 Sq. Km. There are six gates associated with the Fort that includes St. George, Plassesy Calcutta, Treasury Gate, Water Gate and Chowringhee. The old William fort was reconstructed in 1766 and thus is now used like a customized house. The New William Fort is used as headquarters of the Indian Army. The Army officers of the Fort William are very protective for not only the fort but as well for protecting tourist people as well.

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