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West Bengal  Places to see BUXA FORT

Location : Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India

Nearest Town :

Builder : British Empire

West Bengal is called as the bottleneck of India, which is stretched from north with Himalayas and to the south with the Bay of Bengal. With number of dense woods, visual delights, exotic wild life, exquisite beaches and seats for historical forts and palaces. The state represent exotic panorama as the popular destination from all over the world. Besides these it is the major tourist attraction for its beautiful hill station, Darjeeling. As there is much to know about the seats of historical aspect, Buxa fort is special attraction for the trekkers. The area is situated in the Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India.

Buxa Fort is situated 24 kms away from Alipurduar town and only 7 km from the Buxa Road. The fort was particularly built for arid prison at the Buxa on hill-cliff. The fort is situated atop at a height of about 2600 ft and 30 km away from Alipurduar. From many years, the Buxa fort was the connection point in between The Cooch Kings and King of Bhutan. The Cooch Kings were from the Koch Dynasty of Bengal and Assam, which were named through the affiliation of Kock tribe with Tibeto Burnese. This kingdom emerged to be the powerful and dominant ruling during the 1515 period. Viswa Singha was the first Cooch kings and then the kingdom was followed by his sons, grandsons and so on. The Cooch Dynasty failed initially along with two major branches, which were controlled by Koch Hajo and Koch Bihar community.

The Cooch King interferes and thus captured this fort from British Empire during the end of the 18th century. The fort was reconstructed during the British Empire by bamboo wood as well as refurnished stone structure. After few years, the Buxa Fort was used as a jail for prisoners, where a number of revolutionaries were incarcerated during that era. In order to save the part of Its Silk Route, the King of Bhutan used the Buxa Fort which was connected through the Tibet with India. But still many refuges reside in the fort and thus used for staying purposes.

The Buxa fort is also used for several trekking that originates from here. One of the most popular trekking that starts from Snatrabari towards Buxadar is enthralling. Trekking through the dense forest is a wonderful experience by exploring the exquisite natural beauty of the place. Accodomation over here is easily available. At a distance of about 4km, there is Rover’s point; one can observe varieties in species of birds. Passing through same way, you will come across Rupam Valley of Bhutan located at about 12 kms from Buxa Fort. The trekking allows full of excitements and adventure with some breathtaking views over the river Jayanti, glimpse of animals, colorful orchids, beautiful bird flights and ever green ravines.

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