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West Bengal  Places to see WEST BENGAL INFORMATION

Geography :

West Bengal is situated in the eastern part of India. They are stretched across the range of Himalayas from the north side and to the Bay of Bengal from the south. To its border lies Bangladesh, Nepal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Sikkim, Bihar, Meghalaya and Assam in all its direction. Gangetic plain moves from north to south direction and that moves ahead to meet the Bay of Bengal. 3% of the land of India is covered by West Bengal. It belongs to one of the fastest growing states and also is highly populated. Looking at the geographic origin, West Bengal can be divided in the following region :

  • Darjeeling Himalayan hill region

  • Terai region

  • North Bengal plains

  • Rarh region

  • Coastal plain

  • Sunderbans

  • Western plateau and high lands

  • Ganges delta

History :

West Bengal lies in the eastern part of India that provides the gateway for the outsiders. History says that many of them have entered in the provinces of India via this route. Mughal, Guptas have entered along with the Sena and Pala. History has marked its beginning from the Vedic period. West Bengal flourished during the region of Mauryan Empire along with the golden period of Guptas. West Bengal has the Islamic Anarchy that was a cultural form of the Mughal Empire. It got converted into the commercial hub due to its geographical presence.

Culture of West Bengal :

West Bengal is very rich in its tradition and cultural heritage. There were many reforming moments that made West Bengal upheaval with its cultural orientation. The people who were in the revolt of the Bengal Renaissance namely Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vidyasagar and the other youth contributed to their core to preserve the culture of West Bengal and mold the thinking of the local people in the western thoughts. Still, the ethnicity and the tradition are not uprooted and there is emergence of the new trends. Thus, there developed a new cosmopolitan mind that has the blend of both pros and the cons of cultural practices.

Music and Dance of West Bengal :

Bengal fully comprises of the dance style and melodious music. The Bengali dance and its traditional music are located in the heart of every citizen. Music is the integral part of the tradition and the religion along with the secular thoughts that mathches up with the Gharana  i.e . North Indian Classical Music. Tappa and the Thurmi are the one of the most popular form that is found here. They have their origin since long time from the nineteenth century. Nidhi Babu and Ramnidhi Gupta are one of its proponents there are wonderful songs in Bengali. Even the musical instruments are more famous here especially “ektara” which is a single string instrument and most common in West Bengal. Kartal, Dotara, Mandira, Dugi and beating instrument like khol and Dhol are played by the performers while singing. The most well known dance forms of West Bengal are the classical dance form and the dances performed by West Bengal. Chhau dance form of the Purulia is one of the forms of the mask dance. They are performed on the beats of the drum, with the trendy fashion and dynamism. Dancers apply paints on their face and body parts as a representation of a cultural symbol.

Festivals Celebrated in West Bengal :

Plethora has been celebrated in West Bengal of various festivals. As West Bengal is decorated with many of the festivals, there are various tradition and the rituals that are to be followed while performing the festival. There is no one in entire West Bengal who is not familiar with the vivacity and the festivity of the Great Durga Pooja. This is one of the main festivals celebrated on the grounds of West Bengal that comes in the beginning of the autumn season. It is dedicated to goddess Durga along with her 4 children Kartikaya, Ganesha, saraswati and Lakshmi who used to reside on the high hills of Himalayas. Durga Pooja is considered to be one of the largest festivals of the Hindu Religion. Even though this is a Hindu Festival, there are also people from other religion that participates in the Durgautsav.

Cuisine of West Bengal :

West Bengal has delicious and mouth watering food to offer you not only in India but also in the entire world. Luscious cuisine becomes one of the integral parts of West Bengal. Fish and rice are the staple part of West Bengal. Puchka is also one of the famous dish. Sweets are amongst the most favorite form of food of the people of West Bengal. The delicious foods made from the fish are very tempting and famous amongst the Bengalis. Sweets are the symbol of the prestige and few of them are rosogulla, sandesh, charan payesh, Kalojam, Chomchom and there are various kind of Pithe loved by all the sweet lover from all over India. The Bengalis also have crunchy and crispy in their meal.

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