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The cultural advancement of West Bengal had caused an upheaval in the overall Oriental culture. The enduring culture of Bengal has undertone several reformations through introduction of people of intellectual mindset.

The music and dance of the state is largely influenced by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. His literary works in the form of poems, drama and songs has introduced a different school of dance and music in the state that is still West Bengal’s pride and trademark. The Baul music thriving in the rural areas is a treasured form of entertainment. Several songs of this discipline recount the struggling life in rural areas of west Bengal. Baul dance also have a peculiarity and it is typically a solo dance by the singer himself playing the solo musical instrument ektara.

The most vibrant festival of West Bengal is Durga Puja where the entire state is washed by the festive merriment. The festival celebrates the feminine power by worshipping a female deity with 10 arms, who happens to the wife of Lord Shiva. The celebration continues for 5 consecutive days and is followed by the immersion of the deity in the river or lake. The religious harmony is witnessed during this festival in the multi-lingual and multi-religious land of west Bengal. People of varied religion and belief celebrate Durga Puja with zest and zeal. Festivals like Sri-Panchami, Nobanno, Basanta Utsav, Poush parbon (the festival of Bengali month Poush), Kalipuja, Laxmipuja, Saraswatipuja, Christmas, Eid ul-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr are quite popular in the state.

The food of the state is relished highly by foodies. The gourmets of any part of India will tell that fish is major item in Bengal cuisine and various freshwater fish are prepared with spices like mustard, cumin and poppy seeds. Rice is the staple of West Bengal and is a trademark too. Sweet dishes of Bengal are nationally famed and foreign tourists enjoy them too. Sweet dishes in West Bengal forms a large variety of deserts. Kids and adults here are found of these deserts such as rasogolla, chom chom, langcha, mihidana etc. The families in rural areas of West Bengal have been seen to prefer a peculiar rise preparation called panta bhat. Almost every Bengali family is seen to take rice and pulses with fish and a whole lot of crispy snacks.

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